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Reduce Your Waistline Overnight Literally With This So Called “Bomb”

We will present you with a drink, an overnight liquid bomb which will help you drastically reduce your waistline. It is made with the combination of apple cedar vinegar (2 tablespoons), grapefruit (1 cup), and honey (1 teaspoon). You should blend them together to get a homogeneous mixture. Drink it before each meal, especially dinner and lunch on daily basis. After 1 week you will definitely have your waistline changed.
Many women who have tried it reported that they have lost about 1 cm instantly. We cannot imagine what will happen after one week.

This works better than any other painful trick as it eliminates fat deposits and water under your waist, improves brain function, hearing, vision, and memory. It is also very refreshing drink.

Another recipe for reducing waistline

You can prepare another drink with ginger, lime, citrus, pear, melon and cucumber. You will need:

■ 1 cup of finely sliced melon;
■ 1 cucumber;
■ 1 lime, or lemon;
■ 1 pear;
■ 1 citrus;
■ ½ tbsp. of fresh ginger.
How to prepare it: Squeeze the juice from the pear, citrus and lime, and then add the ingredients into a blender and mix to get a thin juice. Pour in a glass and enjoy the amazing taste.

The citrus fruits are loaded in vitamin C which improves the absorption power and metabolism is fastened. Melons are amazing in weight loss because they melt fat around the stomach. You may consume melon fresh as it will help you reduce sugar cravings and strengthen your immune system. Cucumber also aids in burning abdominal fat because it reduces water retention in your body. Pear is high in fiber which also effectively brings down your waistline to a great extent.
Try the vacuum pose

Along with these great drinks for burning belly fat, you may want to try the vacuum pose on daily basis for your stomach lining. This is very good thing for you, instead of spending so much money.