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Instant Natural Cure For Anemia! Improve Your Blood Count In Just One Week!

When it comes to healthy blood work it’s not all about the red cells count, hemoglobin levels are just as important. If your hemoglobin levels are low the cells in your body won’t get enough oxygen and this is what causes anemia.
The symptoms you’re feeling as a result of anemia, like fatigue, dizziness, pale skin, lack of appetite, impaired immunity, concentration problems, happen because your organs aren’t receiving enough oxygen to function properly.

3.5 million people in the US have anemia. It’s the most common blood condition in America. Women, little children and those with chronic diseases have an increased risk for anemia. It can also be hereditary.

If you are suffering from anemia or you believe you are in the risk group this natural remedy will improve your condition significantly and instantly. The best part is that it tastes amazing as well.
200ml organic honey
200gr walnuts (finely crushed)
Dry raisins
200ml carrot juice
200ml beets juice
2 lemons

Cut the lemons in half and remove the seeds. If it’s not organic remove the peel and grind it, if it is organic grind it with the peel. Put the grinded lemon in a 1 liter jar and add in the honey carrot and beets juice and mix it all thoroughly.  Add in the walnuts and raisins and mix it all again.
Keep the prepared mixture in the fridge and consume 1 tbsp. of before every meal, at least three times a day.

You’ll notice significant improvement in your condition after just one week.