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Drink Honey And Lemon Infused Water Every Morning And Never Get Sick Again

The health benefits of water are very well known to almost everyone and drinking a glass of water in the morning is the best thing you can do for your body. But what about honey and lemon infused water? Well, drinking honey and lemon water on an empty stomach is something you just have to start implementing if you want to stay healthy and energetic.
The health benefits of this drink are just endless if you drink it regularly every day. You can expect weight loss, increased energy levels, body detox, it has an antimicrobial effect, helps with colds and coughs, it improves your immune system and metabolism, it regulates bowel movements and helps with bad morning breath.

This magical drink is also very effective in fighting cancer cells. The Journal of Research in Medical Sciences published a study which discovered that lemon peel extract decreases and prevents oxidation of the bad cholesterol (LDL). When oxidized, cholesterol is a free radical that increases inflammation and increases the risk of cancer.

Take a large glass and pour some warm water (not too hot the honey will lose its healing properties). Add one teaspoon of honey and squeeze the juice of half a lemon in it. Mix it all well and drink it at once.

How to drink it?

It’s recommended that you drink this lemon and honey infused water in the morning, right before you get out of bed.  In the next hour don’t consume other beverages like coffee or tea. Your health will improve significantly and you’ll see the results instantly.