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Do Not Ignore The Warning Signs Your Hair Is Sending! These Symptoms May Indicate A Serious Condition!

Do Not Ignore The Warning Signs Your Hair Is Sending! These Symptoms May Indicate A Serious Condition!
Changes in your hair can be caused by various different conditions but sometimes they can be a symptom of a serious health condition. You shouldn’t disregard the fact that your hair is falling off more than usually or than it’s getting more oily or dry.
These changes may be a warning sign that something is wrong:

Dry and brittle hair
If your hair is dry and brittle it can be due to the use of different hair care products but it can also mean that you’re dehydrated. Extremely dry and brittle hair can be a symptom of a thyroid disorder. It’s recommended to increase the amount of vitamin D, minerals and omega 3 acids ingestion.

Dandruff is a common issue which can easily be resolved with anti-dandruff shampoos and other products.  However, if you experience this problem often and in high amounts it may be that your immune system is weakened. You need to rest and avoid stress as much as you can. It’s best if you see a dermatologist and use a salicylic acid based shampoo.
Thin hair
Around 30 percent of all women in menopause have thin hair which happens due to hormonal changes. This problem can be partially resolved with hormone supplements or hair transplant.

Premature gray hair
Stress, nutrition and hormonal status are factors which influence gray hair appearance. When you’re under stress your organism burns more vitamin B which makes your hair turn gray. In rare cases gray hair can be a sign of diabetes or thyroid problems.

Short hair at the top of your head and thin at the forehead
When short hairs start appearing on the top of your head which interfere with the growth of other hairs it means that you don’t ingest enough proteins and your hair isn’t resilient enough. If your hair is getting thinner around the forehead and temple you’re wearing it in a ponytail too often.
Hair loss
Hair loss doesn’t just happen in older men, it can affect women too, due to lack of some nutrients. Women with polycystic ovaries syndrome usually face this problem. Aside from hair loss, you could notice excessive hair growth on your legs, arms and chest.