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Delicious Smoothie For Instant Migraine Relief! MIGRAINE CRUSHER

Delicious Smoothie For Instant Migraine Relief! MIGRAINE CRUSHER

Are you suffering from chronic migraine? Are you experiencing unbearable pain even though you pop up pills without thinking twice? Maybe you should take a closer look at what you eat and what you are not eating. The food we eat can have a powerful effect on how we feel. For example it’s known that fried foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, flour products, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, food additives, chocolate and some nuts or seeds can trigger migraine. On the other hand, wholegrains and starchy vegetables and low-protein foods can relieve the suffering. Sometimes when your migraine acts up our body is telling you that it’s dehydrated so drink a lot of water as well. You should eat more fruit, vegetables and fresh juices to flush out the toxins which are causing the pain in the first place.

Here we have an instant migraine reliever juice to help you ease the pain and make you feel better in seconds. What’s more important, you can start the day with this powerful yet delicious smoothie to prevent the migraine before it even starts. It’s guaranteed to have amazing results.


■16 ounces coconut water or purified water
■1 cup organic pineapple
■1 cup organic kale ( about 3 or 4 leaves)
■1 stalk organic celery
■½ organic lemon juice
■½ organic cucumber, including skin
■½ inch organic fresh ginger root
■5 cups of ice

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until all is smooth and even. From these ingredients you’ll get about 2 servings. Bottoms up!

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