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Be Careful! These Six Skin Changes Need Attention And May Indicate A Serious Problem

Be Careful! These Six Skin Changes Need Attention And May Indicate A Serious Problem
The skin is the most important external organ of the body that protects the internal organs. Its condition may be an indication of many problems with internal organs, and we often neglect some of the signs that our skin sends.
Find out which six skin changes need more attention, even though most of us do not associate them with health problems.

Wrinkles around the eyes
Although they show that you laugh a lot, wrinkles around the eyes can reveal whether you need to check your vision, as those lines because can arise when trying hard to see better. Your sight may be weakened, or you frown if the sun minds you, meaning that you need to wear sunglasses to prevent visual impairment and eye damage.

Darker skin in the neck and armpits
If the skin around the neck and underarms in certain parts became darker, it may refer to diabetes or thyroid problems. Disruption in skin pigmentation is often manifested in the folds of the skin and is common in people with an increased risk of type- 2 diabetes.
Very pale skin
If your skin has become noticeably pale, it may be indicative of chronic anemia, one of the biggest causes of pallor. Anemia, a condition in which the body does not produce enough blood cells, can be caused by very low intake of iron, folic acid and vitamin B12, but it may also be genetically caused.

Freckles could mean that the DNA of the skin is too damaged by ultraviolet rays. Some people are genetically more prone to freckles, but they can also be the result of sun exposure and can be darkened in the case of further exposure to UV rays.

Dry Skin
Dry skin may indicate dehydration, not consuming enough water in the body or that you enter too much alcohol and caffeine. That may also indicate a contradictory situation as well- an increased occurrence of pimples, because the skin is trying to produce more fat to complement the lack of water.
Acne around the mouth and chin
The appearance of acne on this part of the face may be indicative of polycystic ovaries, a disorder of the endocrine system which can cause infertility. If they are constantly emerging around the mouth and chin, and you have irregular periods, you need to see a doctor.



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