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With These Recipes You Will Never Again Suffer from Leg Cramps!

leg cramps
Leg cramps characterized by sudden pain and tension leg muscles. These are the most common leg muscles, hamstring, or quadriceps and every cramp usually lasts only a few seconds, sometimes it takes several minutes for the muscles to relax.

When the muscles relax then the pain of cramp usually subsides.

With These Recipes You Will Never Again Suffer from Leg Cramps!

What causes leg cramps?

Certain things are contributing factors to the occurrence of leg cramps , although it does not directly cause .

These factors are:

■ Dehydration
■ Hard exercise
■ Tired muscles
■ Injuries
■ Lack of minerals
■ Poor circulation
■ Overweight
■ Side effects of certain drugs

What to do?

■ Apple cider vinegar: In a glass of lukewarm water, mix a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, stir well, and drink.

■ Apply pressure: Press the center of a cramp or a fist with your thumb for fifteen seconds. Then spasm usually gives in.

■ Stretching: Sometimes it’s one of the easiest ways to walk (if possible), especially if it is a spasm in his thigh. If the spasm is in the list, stretch the foot up or using your arms or leaning it on the floor.

■ Sit in a tub with warm water: Hot water helps to relax the muscles and alleviating cramps.

■ Bananas and potatoes: If you frequently suffer from cramps in the legs, it can also mean that you lack of potassium. The best sources of this mineral are bananas and potatoes and would be more than good to consume them as often as you can (daily bananas, potatoes every second to third day).