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Try These 3 Simple Breast Masks and Throw Away Your Push –Up Bra!

A lot of women are insecure about their appearance especially about their breasts. Many think that their breasts are too big or too small and want to have perfect cleavage. Often one is larger than the other or one is slightly higher.

But every woman’s fear is saggy breasts. Even though sagging is a natural process which comes with aging there are some things that you can do in order to prevent saggy breasts and maintain breast health. These creams can help with your problem:

Vitamin E Oil and Egg Breast Mask
Prepare a cream made of 1 tablespoon vitamin E, one egg and 1 tablespoon yogurt and then apply it on your breasts with gentle movements. Keep the mask for about half an hour. Then wash it with cold water.

Cucumber and Egg Breast Mask
After grinding the cucumber add some butter, natural cream and an egg yolk. Keep it overnight in the fridge and then apply it on the breasts. After half an hour rinse it with cold water. This will tone and firm the breast skin and muscles which will lift your breast and prevent them from further sagging.

Apple Mask
To prepare this traditional recipe you will need two simple ingredients and a little time. You will need:

■ 2 Apples or apple juice
■ About 4 cups of milk

In a bowel pour the milk and previously chopped apples. Boil the mixture until you get a thick paste. Wait until it cools and then apply it on the breasts with a gentle massage. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse it first with warm water and then immediately with cold water which will tighten your breast skin.