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This herb destroys cancer in less than one day!

Scientists recently found that sweet wormwood kills cancer in less than a day – 16 hours actually! According to a research published in “Life Science”, this plant eliminates 98% of cancer cells. If sweet wormwood is used on its own, it can cause a 28% reduction in breast cancer cells. However, combined with iron it becomes an unstoppable force for cancer.

“Our results show that artemisinin stops the ‘E2F1′ transcription factor and intervenes in destruction of lung cancer cells, meaning it presents a transcription way according to which artemisinin controls reproductive cancer cell growth”, it was stated in the conclusion of the research performed in the cancer lab at the University of California.

Artemisinin was used as a strong malaria tool, but now it has proven itself as an efficient way to treat cancer. The research showed that artemisinin makes the cancer cells undergo apoptosis (self-destruction).