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Here is how she looked like three months ago, and then a pill destroyed her life!

Amy Thompson is 16 years old, had just started to enjoy life, but has already made a mistake and destroyed her live. At a party she swallowed ecstasy tablet and after fall unconscious end ended up in a wheelchair.

She went to the hospital on June 10 this year, after she fall unconscious at a party. Soon she fell into a coma, and after two weeks spent in that state for the first time she managed to shake her mother’s hand.Amy is still recovering of the consequences of coma, moving with a wheelchair and barely manages to speak. Her family shared a video on Facebook video where Amy says thanks to friends for their support.

Her cousin Kaya hopes that the photos and video will be an instructive lesson for all those who like to experiment with drugs.

– Many may cry, laugh or be shocked of this video, but here’s what happened to Amy of just a small tablet, so the same can happen to you – said Kaya.

“Amy looks much better in this video than a few weeks ago” added her cousin.

The family tells everyone to avoid such things, even “harmless light drugs”. They hope their daughter would recover, but still do not know how much her body was damaged.

Detective Michael Miller, whose drug sector, said: “Any drug may be risky, but specifically crystallized MDMA is much more dangerous than others. It does not matter whether MDMA is crystalline or in the form of tablets, the effect is the same. Using MDMA and alcohol, and alcohol or any other drugs, leads to fatal consequences. ”