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Extremely Effective 1 Ingredient Hair Mask that Will Save and Regrow Your Hair

Extremely Effective 1 Ingredient Hair Mask that Will Save and Regrow Your Hair

Castor oil is known as a very effective ingredient. It is frequently part of hair cosmetics and is considered a natural remedy for hair problems.

Castor oil fights against scalp infections and dandruff, but also with skin problems, such as acne, rashes or spots.

When castor oil mask is applied to the scalp, the blood circulation to the hair follicles is increased, ensuring better hair growth. If the root of the hair is properly nourished, the thread will be stronger, more durable and elastic. This will make the hair grow longer without breaking.

Scalp problems can cause hair loss, but castor oil keeps these problems under control. It is the bacteria or fungal infection that leads to hair loss. Castor oil includes ricinoleic acids that decrease infections and eliminate the positive environment for their development.

The vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids and proteins in the castor oil enter the hair shaft and make it stronger, smoother and shinier. Good information is that this oil treats split ends too, and is a good lubricant because it avoids the hair getting stuck.

Castor oil mask will help you solve the problem with dandruff. This mask completely cleans the scalp from dirt and bacteria that clog pores and cause dandruff and hair loss.

■ Heat the castor oil slightly and apply it on the scalp. After you separate your hair into two equal parts apply the oil on the scalp and the roots. Also, make circular moves using your fingers to distribute the oil better on the scalp.

■ After applying the castor oil on scalp, tie your hair into a bun and cover it with a shower cap. Let it sit about half an hour, an hour or overnight.

■ At the end, shampoo your hair well so you remove oil from the scalp and hair.
This mask of castor oil can be used weekly for a month until you see the first results.

If the castor oil’s smell is unpleasant for you, you can mix it with grape seed oil or olive oil.



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