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Do Not Ignore This! Your Smartphone Is Killing You Slowly!

Everyone today uses mobile phones and we can’t imagine our life without them. We use them to connect with other people, to play games, to surf the internet and even when we go to bed they are by our side, to wake us up in the morning. But we choose to ignore the fact that mobile phones are bad for our health and are killing us slowly in numerous ways, and it’s no wonder – statistics show that the average person spends 4 years in his life on the phone, 4 LONG YEARS, and check the phone about 110 times a day! Nothing electronic that’s used so excessively can be good for you, and mobile phones are no exception. The fact is that mobile phones are responsible for many health problems and have caused death in many cases as well. We’ll share with you 5 ways in which the mobile phones are killing you slowly, but there are many more.

Mobile phones cause chronic back in the neck and spine
It’s been scientifically proven that tilting your head just 15 degrees to look at your phone equals the pressure of a 26 pound weight attached to your neck. Now imagine lifting that weight 110 times a day and maybe more, the wear and tear of the muscles is inevitable. It causes chronic pain, the spine suffers consequences as well and all these factors inevitably lead to the need for a surgical procedure. You expose yourself to a risky and complicated procedure, just because you use your mobile phone excessively.

They are 18 times dirtier than a public restroom
As we already mentioned, we are always touching our phone, but before we touch our phone we touch all kind of dirty things and we transfer the dirt, along with the bacteria and germs to our phones. And we wash our hands, but we never wash our phones NEVER! So it’s no surprise that the average phone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet, and that 1 in every 6 phones has fecal matter. And since the phones get hot from usage we create the perfect environment for bacteria and germs to reproduce. And those bacteria and germs can be very harmful for our health and can cause some serious health issues.

They increase the risk for cancer
Even though it hasn’t been 100% proven, scientific studies have shown that excessive mobile phone usage can be connected with an increased risk of brain tumors, eye cancer, leukemia, testicular cancer and salivary gland tumors. The blue light the phone emits suppresses the creation of melatonin, and lower melatonin levels can lead to diabetes, lupus and various forms of cancer.

They cause car accidents
In every four car accidents one is caused by mobile phones, the drivers were either texting or operating the phone in another way. This number alone is ASTONOSHING!

The Wi-Fi radiation destroys sperm
A recent study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility has shown that Wi-Fi exposure can damage the sperm and decrease a man’s fertility. The main cause is the electromagnetic radiation from the device for wireless communication. So not only is your smartphone killing you, but it’s reducing the chances for your offspring as well.

We are not suggesting that you forget about smartphones and return to the old age when they communicated by pigeons, but every once in a while think about these harmful effects and reduce your mobile usage to minimum. It will have an excellent effect on your overall health and it will do wonders for your face to face communication skills as well. So it will be a win-win situation for all.