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Are Your Nails Covered With Little White Marks? This Is What It Means!

Nails Covered With Little White Marks
The white spots on the nails are quite frequent occurrence and they have been interpreted in so many ways. I have even heard a story from my grandmother that every white spot on my nails represents a lie I have told.

We know that this is an old believe and it is not true. But what is the truth according to the modern advanced medicine, based on many facts that have been scientifically supported, unlike the grandmothers’ sayings? Actually, the modern medicine states that these white spots on the fingernails are caused by a condition known as leukonychia.

You probably think it sounds frightening, but it really is not. According to some people, the white spots on the fingernails are a result of deficiency of calcium or zinc. However, both of the theories are not correct, and the truth is that they are result of a slight trauma that the fingernail has undergone or sometimes can even be a result of some infection or an allergy. To your surprise, the white spots can even occur due to use of some medications. If you have these spots on your fingernails and you feel any kind of pain at the same time on these areas, then you should definitely see your doctor.

These spots are most frequently harmless and they are not representing danger to your health, but there are some cases where they can be a sign of some medical conditions like anemia, cirrhosis, diabetes, or kidney disease. That is why it would be for the best to visit your doctor if you notice them on your fingernails, just to be safe. It is always the smartest way to solve any doubts you might start developing.