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10 Warning Signs Your Feet Send About Your Health That You Should Never Ignore

If there is a change in your body, your feet give off the first signals. This is why we can freely say, that your feet are the window into your health. In other words, you will be able to prevent some serious health problems and diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and high blood pressure, only if you listen to your feet.

Severe cramps in your feet can often indicate to dehydration or it could simply mean that you are not feeding properly, or to say it another way, you are having various nutritional deficiencies. Therefore it is crucial for your health to drink enough water every day. And as the nutritional deficiencies, they are often due to the lack of magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Loss of Hair on Toes
Every woman would be extremely happy if there was a lack of hair on her feet. However even though it sounds great this loss of toe hair could indicate various circulation problems. To make it simpler, the hair doesn’t grow because it does not receive enough blood, which is essential for the hair growth.

Cold feet
Hypothyroidism is often a culprit of cold feet. In addition, you should know that hypothyroidism can also lead to depression, hair loss, fatigue and weight gain. Therefore if you often have cold feet, you should immediately see your doctor.

Small wounds on your feet which don’t heal
These small wounds are often one of the first signs of diabetes. High blood sugar levels can lead to a nerve damage and that is why people with diabetes can get wounds without feeling any pain. If you spot these wounds on your feet, you should immediately go and see your doctor, because these wounds in most of the cases are only an introduction to a skin cancer. It is very important for you to know that melanoma can appear anywhere on the skin, even in the area between the toes. Therefore you need to check your foot for these wounds on regular basis.

Enlarged Big Toe
Enlarged big toe, often indicates to an inflammatory issues or even gout. If this is not that case, than you probably have some kind of infection. And if your toe becomes red and hot, then you definitely should see your doctor.

The sensation of numbness is associated with several potential issues. Chemotherapy, diabetes and alcoholism can often cause numbness in both of your feet. And if you feel numbness in only one foot, then it probably is simply a pinched nerve.

Scaling and Itching
If you have dry skin on your feet and you feel an itchiness in your feet, then you are probably suffering from some kind of yeast infection. These kind of infections can be treated with the appropriate cream. However the most important thing is to have good feet hygiene. You should note that psoriasis can also cause this itchiness.

Pitted Toenails
If you have little holes in the nails of your toes, you may have psoriasis or arthritis. These holes can either be shallow or deep.This usually varies from person to person. Your toenails becoming thicker is yet another sign ofpsoriasis or arthritis.

Scaling and Itching
If the skin on your feet itches, peels or it appears to be scaling, you could have a fungus infection.  However it is recommendable to visit your doctor, because you could also be suffering from eczema or psoriasis.

Yellow Toenails
Change in the color of your toenails is often a sign of aging. However if you notice that your toenails are splitting and peeling, thanyou may want to consider visiting your doctor, because you may have a yeast infection. Also yellow toenails in women are often a result of painting the toenails for months without a break.



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