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Women Are Crazy for This Potent Mixture! Better Vision, Thick Hair And Younger Skin

Women Are Crazy for This Potent Mixture! Better Vision, Thick Hair And Younger Skin

If you want to rejuvenate your face and body, you can do it without some expensive cosmetic procedures. You will not believe it, but you can make your own fountain of youth at home.

Women who use this elixir say that it improves their vision; their skin is smoother and elastic now, and their hair thicker.

This is how you can make your own elixir of youth:

■  100ml flaxseed oil
■  2 lemons
■  0,5kg honey
■  1 clove garlic

How to prepare it:

One of the lemons should be peeled, and the other one unpeeled. After you grind the garlic, put it in a blending machine together with the peeled and unpeeled lemon.

Mix this with honey, then add the oil and stir well.

Put the mixture in a glass jar and keep it in the fridge.

You have to consume one tablespoon of it three times a day, half an hour before eating.

How does this mixture rejuvenate our organism?

The flaxseed is rich in omega-6, omega-9 and palmitic fatty acid. More than half of the fats are spiced with omega-3. The flaxseed oil is the richest plant with omega-3 fatty acids. It includes omega-3 fatty acids twice more than the fish oil.

Moreover, essential oxidants are incorporated into flaxseed, which when combined with lemon can clean the liver. When the liver is clean, it is the main youth generator.

Lemon is a great source of vitamin C and that makes it a perfect anti-oxidant. It strengthens the immune system and the blood vessels.

The other ingredient, garlic cleans the blood vessels, whereas the honey feeds them. These are ingredients that renovate and rejuvenate our whole organism.

If you use this elixir of youth on your face and skin on a regular basis, it will give incredible results that everyone will notice immediately.