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When You See What This Woman Does, I’m Certain That You Will Hurry to do it!

banana peels
Many researches were done lately and they all have proved that bananas are very beneficial for our overall health and they can be used for many different purposes. What you need to know is that their skin can be also used for many things. In this article I will present to you the 7 most common uses of the banana skin.

Use it to remove the warts
This will require bandage and a piece of banana skin. Place the peel on the wart and bandage it. Hold it through the night and iterate the same procedure in the following few nights. Your warts will be removed.

Use it as cleaning detergent
Clean your furniture, silver and shoes which are made from smooth materials. The banana skin will make them like new.

Use it to remove wrinkles and acne
The banana peel is very effective for this purpose and it will take only several minutes from your time. Just rub the skin with the banana peel and wait for half an hour before washing your face with water.

Use it to whiten your teeth
Use the inner side of the peel and rub your teeth. Repeat this procedure every day for few weeks and you will have great results.

To smooth insect bites
All you need to do is to place a piece of banana skin over the bite.

Get rid of the symptoms of psoriasis
The banana peel makes your skin smoother. If you are suffering from psoriasis then you should rub your skin with banana peel and leave it to work for 10 minutes.

Use it as substitution for analgesic
If your skin is irritated then you should simply rub the affected area with the banana peel. Wait for 10-15 minutes and the symptoms will be gone for good.

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