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This Is What Happen To Your SKIN When You Eat Soaked Amla In Honey

amla and honey
The Indian gooseberry or Amla as it is widely known is among the healthiest fruits found in the world. Ayurveda has extensively mentioned the uses and properties of Amla and also used it in Ayurvedic medicines. This is a seasonal fruit and mostly available in winter. Honey is commonly used to preserve amla as both complement each other well and are extremely beneficial for the body.

Benefits of Amla soaked in Honey

Delays ageing

Honey and Amla have proven to be very good for the skin and can prevent premature ageing as well as delay the ageing process. It repairs the dead skin cells faster giving a glowing skin. Taking honey with one tea spoon of amla can rejuvenate the body.

Health Benefits

Amla when soaked in honey has many medicinal properties and will protect the body from the onslaught of many diseases. Amla soaked in honey gives strength to the liver and helps fight against jaundice. Honey and Amla juice is extremely effective for people suffering from bronchitis, asthama, breathlessness and other respiratory diseases. Both these ingredients are rich source of antioxidants which are useful in fight against cancer.

Prevention of Infections

Amla, honey along with ginger juice will give instant relief against cough and throat irritation. Amla and honey have anti- bacterial properties and can be used as a natural remedy to fight infections.

Aids in Digestion

Amla soaked with honey when consumed before meals will boost appetite and also assist in proper digestion. It can also cure constipation and pain reliever for piles.

Natural Detoxifier

Amla is packed with Vitamin C and honey is also rich in detoxifying the body. Amla soaked in honey will keep the intestines free of toxins and flush out impurities.

Helps in reproductive problems

Amla with honey helps cure a lot of reproductive problems for both men and women. In women it can give relief from menstrual cramps and pains as well as irregular periods.

Good for Hair

Amla and honey are good conditioners that will solve a lot of hair issues. It strengthens the hair follicles and prevents dandruff and hair loss.

Apart from this amla soaked in honey is a rich source of iron, phosphorous and chromium. Honey and Amla are used in a lot of home remedies to heal a lot of ailments.