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Pubic Hairstyle Ideas. Don’t Make The Worst Choice And How Shaving It Can Harm Your Health!

Pubic Hairstyle Ideas. Don’t Make The Worst Choice And How Shaving It Can Harm Your Health!
Men as they stated, don’t like it because of its inconsistency. They prefer the more natural and concrete pubic hairstyles such as the Brazilian or the full bush. Women comment that they don’t like the landing strip because is too retro and looks unnatural. In one online survey conducted between men and women this hairstyle was voted the worst.

Here are some popular pubic hairstyles and what each one says about you.

• The Full Bush
You’re very likely to be either: A feminist, French or lazy. That’s about it really.

• Bikini Wax (A.K.A Landing Strip)
You’re neat and rational. If it needs to be removed, it needs to go.

• Nude
Either you’re a woman who loves porn or you hate hairy people.

• Martini
You’re smart, but you also want to be organized and tidy without looking like a bald baby.

• Bermuda Triangle
You’re proud to keep your bush, but you also want to be able to get into a bikini without showing it off.

• Heart Attack
You have far too much time on your hands. There’s tending to your bush and then there’s wasting time.

• Postage Stamp
Hitler may be asking for his tache back. Otherwise, you’ve had an absolute mare with the razor/waxing utensils.

• Vajazzle
If you’re attracting boys to your vagina by telling them it’s covered in glitter, you’ve got some serious daddy issues. Who wants to turn their beaver into a disco ball anyway?! More importantly, it would be fucking uncomfortable.


In the words of Andrea De Maria regarding the study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology “women are not aware of the risks of shaving pubic hair, because they remove hair from other parts of the body as well.”

According to the study, 87% women removed all or some of their pubic hair, while 90% shaved it off using a razor.
The thing is that genital skin is far more sensitive than the skin on our legs. That’s why shaving can create tiny injuries especially when done in a hurry. Women are prone to nicks and cuts because they can’t see the contours of their private area while they’re attempting to shear off their pubic hair.

In fact 60% women reported side effects such as abrasion, followed by ingrown hairs after pubic hair removal.
Although these are minor skin injuries, they are neither painless nor harmless. For one thing, genital skin is full of sweat glands, meaning that this area is normally wet and dark, which makes it an ideal ground for bacterial proliferation. Plus, abrasions or little tears in the skin make it especially susceptible to bacterial and viral infections. Sexually transmitted diseases including herpes and HPV are easily contracted in this way, because there’s no pubic hair to prevent infection.