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MIRACLE! This Remedy Cures Cracked Heels, Calluses and Varicose Veins in Just 10 Days!

Cracked Heels

When we talk about feet, the most common problem is cracked heels. They are characterized with visible cracks, dry skin, and thickening of the skin along the heels could appear, which is mostly colored yellow or brown.

Cracked heels could be result of insufficient skin wetness, dry air, unhealthy nutrition, improper feet caring, aging, long-term standing on solid ground, but it can also appear as a result of skin diseases, such as: eczema, psoriasis, diabetes or thyroid gland disease.

We bring you a recipe which will help you resolve this problem.

Preparation and use

Crush 10 Aspirins or Andols (Paracetamols) and pour the powder with 250 ml of alcohol (70%). Leave the mixture for a day or two.

After that, shake the mixture good every night and soak the gauze in the mixture.

Put the soaked swab on the heels, wrap it with nylon and put on a sock. Leave it like that during the night.

In the morning, wash the feet with water and wipe it with a towel. Then put a glycerin or some greasy crème on the feet. For better results, before putting the crème, you can make a pilling on the feet with a stone for heels.

The cracked heels should disappear for 10 days!



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