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If You Feel Constantly Tired and Without Energy Try This Natural and Cheap Remedy!

If You Feel Constantly Tired and Without Energy Try This Natural Remedy!
Often signs of chronic fatigue are lack of energy, exhaustion and drowsiness which may indicate too many toxins in your blood. That is why regular “cleaning” is required.

Toxin retention in the blood causes: chronic fatigue, bloating and problems with circulation.

These problems can be removed with this simple drink that you can prepare in your kitchen. All you need are a few cloves of garlic and red wine. This elixir has the power to purify the blood, removes excess fat and salt from the body and accelerates the metabolism as well.


● 12 cloves garlic
● ½ liter of red wine


When you clean the cloves of onion, cut them in form of rings and place them in a jar. Add half a liter of red wine and close the jar tightly.

The prepared mixture should be kept in sunny place approximately for two weeks. Every day shake it well so the ingredients would stir well.

After two weeks, strain and the medicinal wine should be stored in a glass bottle.


Consume one teaspoon three times a day over a month.

This is a powerful drink for blood cleaning, so after consuming it for a month take a break of six months before starting a new treatment.