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Get Rid of Bunions in a Natural Way Without Going Under the Knife

What are bunions?
Bunions are hard formations placed around the big toe. It looks like a bone, but actually it is salt deposits that becomes hard around the joint and pushes the big toe inward, while shifts the other toes.

Different factors cause this, such as flue, gout, diet, metabolism, or even poor footwear choice. Bunions put pressure on the insightful areas of the foot. It can change your walk and also your choice of heels and sneakers.

Aging populations deal more often with this problem, but even young adults in their 20’s can notice the painful protrusion out of their toe. 23% of adults in USA suffer from bunions, and most of these adults are women.

How can this problem be fixed?
There is a surgical intervention that can fix the problem, but only temporarily. Also, it needs long recovery periods. So, why going under the knife if it only limits your mobility and fixes the problem for a certain period?

Fortunately, there are natural and non-surgical remedies that will relieve the joint pain.

Get Rid of Salt Deposits with an Organic Recipe
Constantly feeding the body salt is the major reason why the excessive growth of salt on the joints causes pain and continues to grow. To eliminate the salt in your body, you have to drink a natural mixture.

This is how you can make it:

Needed ingredients:
–  300 ml of water
–  1 tablespoon of minced bay leaf

How to prepare it:
First, mix the water and bay leaf. Cook the combination in an enameled pot for 5 minutes. Let the mixtures sit overnight after you put it in a thermos.

Strain the drink and sip small amounts through the day in order to clean your body. Prepare each night a fresh mixture and do it for 3 days. After seven days, repeat the procedure for 3 more days. Frequent urinating is a sign that the salt dissolves and thus your joint pain should disappear.

Make Bunions Disappear with This Paste
If you want to use a paste on your skin, there are natural substances that can be combined. They will relieve pain and erase the growth on your toe. Apply the paste on the bunions and remove the salt deposits.

Needed ingredients:
– 100 ml of 96% alcohol
– 5 large bay leaves
– 3 liters of water
– 1 tablespoon of baking soda

In order this paste be fully done, it needs one week.

Mix the bay leaves and the alcohol and leave the combination in a dry room for one week. It needs to sit at room temperature. Then, soak your feet in warm water and baking soda. Rub the organic homemade paste over the bunion. Finally, put on cotton socks for absorption and lie down.

Olive Oil Massage
We use olive oil in the kitchen, but this healthy food can fix all of your bunion problems. It can improve the blood flow to your toes. A massage will make the restricted synovial fluids move around the bones again.

For fifteen minutes massage your toes and lower foot with olive oil. Do it twice every day. You will notice that the bunion decreases its size, because the excess deposits dissolve and the joints are nourished.

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