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Do Not Throw The Coffee Grounds! Why?! You Will Be Surprised After Reading This!


After drinking your daily dose of coffee, there’s always a coffee grounds left in the cup. Before you get rid of it, here are some advises for using the grounds properly:

■ If you need a peeling, after drinking the coffee, mix the coffee grounds with honey. This mixture is good for body and face peeling, and also it is a good remedy against the cellulite.

■ When your hair needs refreshment, take the coffee grounds and make a mask. The process is very simple. Before putting the shampoo on the hair, moisten it with the grounds and leave it for few minutes. When you wash the hair, you will be surprised by its shine. This is not recommended for blondes, because it will darken the hair in an unnatural way.

■ If you want to get rid of the annoying insects, than take the coffee grounds and put it on the place where they gather the most. They do not stand the smell of coffee.

■ The coffee grounds can also be used in cleaning of very nasty dishes. Just moisten, rub it good and the effect is there.

■ It can be also used for cleaning of the furniture that has lost its shine. Put the coffee grounds in water, brush the furniture, let it stand a bit and wipe it.

■ Don’t forget that the coffee grounds could be also used for your flower.