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10 Warning Signs You Must To Quit Sugar Immediately

10 Warning Signs You Must To Quit Sugar
Can a person be addicted to sugar? If you find yourself craving sugar or anything sweet in which you will find comfort, that is a serious sign of sugar addiction. There are loads of sugar related illnesses such as diabetes, cardio – vascular problems, adrenal fatigue and even cancer. In the following text you’ll find 10 signs which show that you are consuming too much sugar:

1. Tiredness and lack of energy
Sugar can boost the energy levels because of the carbohydrates, but that is only at the first moment. After some time, you’ll start feeling tired and your energy will fall on a low level. If you feel like this all the time, you should check the amount of sugar you are consuming, as food or as drinks, and then you should change your diet.

2. Sugar and carb cravings
Finding yourself not able to do your daily routine unless you’ve had something sweet is a serious sign of becoming a sugar addict. The more sugar you consume, the more your body will crave it. If you think of sugar and carbs all the time on a daily basis, that means that you are a serious sugar addict.

3. Frequent sugar and flu
Having too much sugar in your bloodstream can lead to frequent colds, flu or fever. If you feel that you are caching every virus from the environment, that means that your immunity has been weakened. That is why your organism cannot fight off the colds, fevers, flus or even some chronic diseases. This can be mended if you lower the amount of sugar you are consuming.

4. Anxiety or depression
Feeling emotionally down is another sign of high level of sugar in the blood. Constantly worrying, feeling sad, nervous, not wanting to socialize and other psychological changes are typical symptoms of a sugar addict. When the body starts crushing physically, your psychological condition worsens automatically.

5. Skin problems (dark circles under the eyes)
There are different types of inflammatory skin problems which are triggered by increased sugar consumption. If you lower the amount of sugar in your daily diet, you can solve skin problems such as excessive oiliness or dryness, acne, eczema or rosacea.

6. Weight problems
When the amount of sugar is bigger than the limit which is set by the body itself, than the excessive sugar immediately transforms into fat and you gain weight. This leads to problems such as obesity, and it is known that excessive weight leads to a range of other health problems, such as heart problems, sleep apnea or high cholesterol levels.

7. High blood pressure
Regardless of the common belief, the high blood pressure doesn’t come from the sodium in the blood, but from the excessive sugar. There is a link between hypertension and excessive sugar consumption, according to a study performed by University of Colorado – Denver.

8. Dental problems
If you have constant and serious problems with the teeth, and you find yourself at the dentist too often, it is again the sugar to blame. It digs it way into the roots and rots away the teeth causing serious and painful toothaches.

9. Diabetes
Accompanied with the weight gain problem, comes one of the most serious diseases, type 2 diabetes. There is a pre phase of diabetes called pre – diabetic phase. Too many people suffer from this, and are not even aware of it. Are you constantly hungry and thirsty? Are you feeling flushed after eating too much sugar? Are you depressed when you skip a meal? These are signs of a pre – diabetic. You should consult your doctor if you have these symptoms.

10. Heart problems
According to a study at Case Reserve Western University, a diet plan with too much sugar increases the heart problems compared to high fructose, high fat or high starch diets. These researches have been conducted on rats, but there is not a big difference in human organisms, so most of the results can be applied to humans too.

How can you get over this sugar addiction?
First of all, you should stop consuming refined sugars and simple carbs. Having seen or experienced all these symptoms, there isn’t any reason to continue eating an excessive amount of sugar. Start consuming healthy sugars which are found in fruits and sweet potatoes and throw out all candies and soft drinks, so your taste buds start appreciating the healthy nutrition.