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Onion coating of the feet is a folk remedy dating back to the time of our great-grandparents, when the only medicines available were home remedies. This treatment is highly beneficial for body cleansing, stimulating circulation, fighting flu and common colds, or simply improving your general health.

This treatment requires a few items:

- an onion,

- some wrapping foil and

- warm wool socks.


A. Slice the onion into thin circles and wait for a few minutes to let the juice appear.
B. Put the onion slices on your feet, wrapping them with foil. The foil will not only fix the onion onto your feet, but it will also prevent the unpleasant smell from spreading around.
C. Put on some warm socks. Wool socks are ideal as they will provide more warmth to your feet. In the old times, wool socks were put directly on the onion slices. In case you notice that onions erode your skin, mash them first before combining them with some oily cream or almond oil.

D. Ideally, you should do this treatment before going to bed so that the onion can act overnight. The healing components of the onion will go into your bloodstream through your skin thus cleansing your blood. Onions have antibacterial properties which stimulate circulation, and remove toxins out of the body.
E. Homegrown organic onions are highly recommended as they haven’t been chemically treated.
F. In the morning, remove the onion slices and wash your feet with cold water. Then put on some wool socks again so as to heat them.

The first thing you notice is that your blood circulation has significantly improved due to the fact that now your blood is reaching even the tiniest blood vessels, which makes this home treatment especially beneficial for those suffering from poor circulation or diabetes.

Healthy people are also encouraged to use this treatment as it is can be taken as a preventative measure against colds and viruses. If you are down with a cold, flu, lung or throat inflammation including fever, using this remedy will significantly relieve your symptoms in a matter of a day. For flu and colds, it’s recommended to use onion coating until the symptoms are gone, whereas for body and blood cleansing, only occasionally.