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Warning : 10 Signs Our Feet Send Us That We Should NEVER IGNORE!

The most distant parts of the body from the heart and the spine are the feet. They give off the first signals when there is any change in the body. That is the reason why they should be regularly observed so any health problems would be avoided.

■ Lack of hairs on the toes A woman would be happy about this, but it may show a problem with circulation. The hairs don’t grow because the feet don’t receive enough blood which is essential for hair growth. “Maybe your heart doesn’t pump enough blood so you should visit the doctor”, says dr. Carolyn McAloon from the California Pediatric Medication Association.

■ Cramps in the feet This is a sign of stress but it can also signal dehydration or malnutrition. Drink the sufficient amount of water daily and eat food with potassium, magnesium and calcium.

■ Small wounds which don’t heal This signs are a sign of diabetes. High level of sugar in the blood can lead to nerve damage and that is why people with diabetes can get wounds without feeling any pain. These wounds can also signal skin cancer. Melanoma can appear anywhere on the skin, even in the area between the toes, so you should always check the feet well, says dr. McAloon.

■ Your feet are always cold This can be caused by hypothyroidism. Lazy thyroid is a possible disease if you have more than 40 years. This can cause hair loss, dizziness, weight loss and depression. A blood test can show whether you need a treatment or not.

■ Sudden growth of a toe If you see your toe red, irritated and swollen that is a sign that you have to visit the doctor. Infection, arthritis or an injury can cause this.

■ Numbness in toes or parts of the feet If both of your feet are numb it can be a sign of diabetes, chronic alcoholism or side effects of chemo therapy. If only one foot is numb than most probably you have a pinched nerve which can be caused by wearing improper shoes.

■ Unpleasant knuckle A bony knuckle on the big toe is not a result of wearing high heels. It is caused by a genetic feet deformity that can worsen by wearing inappropriate shoes. The only way to get rid of it is by surgery.

■ Pain in the heel Plantar falsities or overuse syndrome can be a cause of strong pain in the heels. It appears when you get up from the bed or when you stand up from a chair. It can be even worse if you wear inappropriate shoes.

■ Itchy feet If your feet are itchy and your skin dry the chances are you have yeast infection which can be simply cured by appropriate cream. You should also keep good feet hygiene. This itchiness can be also caused by psoriasis.

■ Yellow toenails Change of toenails color can be a sign of aging. If your toenails are splitting and peeling than you may have yeast infection. Yellow toenails can appear when women paint their nails for months without a pause.