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The Doctors Said The Boy Didn’t Stand A Chance – A Dog Miraculously Saved His Life

A car accident, left a six year old boy with broken bones and head injury. Doctors said he had a very little chance of recovery, but then a golden retriever appeared.

Caleb Howard, a six year old boy was in driving in the car along with his parents. A head-on collision left him with broken bones and badly injured brain with millions of destroyed cells. This crash left him motionless, a shadow of his former self. He had several operations to get his bones back into place. His brain also needed to recover from the damage it sustained. The doctors openly told the parents that Caleb’s chances of recovery were minimal. They did, however, suggest the parents getting a therapeutic dog. A golden retriever named Colonel.

In this very emotional video, you’ll see Caleb at the beginning of his therapy, and how Colonel helped him during it. The dog, somehow, managed to awaken the boy’s brain. That was the most important thing in his path to an amazing recovery. After months of intensive therapy, there were great improvements in Caleb’s health. Caleb regained the control of his hands, and as importantly, the dog helped him to re-experience thrill and joy.One of the first sentences he said was: “I think he likes me very much.” Doctors say this is a great example  of how therapy dogs may be necessary in the recovery of patients.

“Children like Caleb, who suffered such serious injuries are often depressed and lack motivation to restore their mobility. Therapy dogs help in these cases because they try to play with the patient, and as a result, they motivate them. Right from the start it was clear that his focus changed as soon as he saw the dog” – explained occupational therapist Lisa Barnes.