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Simple Exercise to Improve Digestion, Reduce Lower Back Pain and Tone Your Abs In 10 Minutes or Less

Simple Exercise to Improve Digestion, Reduce Lower Back Pain and Tone Your Abs
Think of your body as a tree with your core being the trunk. A tree is sturdy because of a strong trunk, and the same goes for your body. A strong core comes with many benefits, like reducing your risk of injury (you’ll lower your risk of falls!), better protection for organs such as intestines and nervous system, reduced back pain and even improvements on your posture. But there is another important benefit which you can receive when you work on your core – it can improve your digestion.

One exercise for a strong core and better digestion

Digestion issues seem to be on the rise and the older you get the more digestion-related issues you will encounter. There are many things you can do to improve your digestion, like eat certain food, stay hydrated and even take probiotics. But there is one exercise technique that not only works your core to help you receive all the benefits a strong core has to offer, but it can improve your digestion as well.

The best part about this exercise is that anyone can do it – regardless of physical level and abilities! Who doesn’t like an easy solution? Instead of keeping you in suspense any longer, we’ll come right out and say it. The move which can improve your core and digestion is…hip circles.

That’s right, no more lying on your back and doing crunches, or holding yourself up in a plank position, the hip circle technique involves simple standing and, as the name suggests, circling your hips.

What exactly makes hip circles so effective? Well, the circular motion works to strengthen and lubricate the spine and hips. Moving in multiple directions strengthens your back, can slim your waist and helps your organs eliminate waste.

How to hip circle

If you’re ready to boost up your core strength while promoting healthier digestion, follow these easy directions.

1. Stand tall with feet shoulder-width apart and place hands on your hips
2. Circle your hips around as if you’re hula-hooping

And that’s it! Remember, this technique isn’t a race, so take things nice and slow by using gradual hip turns. Ideally you want to circle 50 times to the left and 50 times to the right, and that’s it! Something so easy it can be squeezed in any time of the day.

If you want additional benefits add in your shoulders. While circling, losen up your shoulders and have them roll with you as well. This works to relieve shoulder and upper back tension – and who doesn’t want to combat that nowadays.

This practice can be done daily or just a few times a week, but you’ll begin to notice after only a few tries that you’re standing taller and your digestion is feeling better as well.