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Joints and Bones Pain, Rheumatism… This Oil Will Cure The Pain in 7 Days !

This Oil Will Cure The Pain in 7 Days !
Joint and bone pain along with rheumatism bring a lot of pain and an oil made from red hot peppers could just cure the pain in just a week’s time. This oil has been found to be effective for people who suffer from joint pains, neuralgia, myositis, radicalistic, and rheumatism. This stimulating oil is a part of oils that are full of heat and can be irritating. However, as a stimulant, the oil has qualities that cause it to expand the capillaries and increase the circulation of blood in the upper layers of the skin. This helps to enhance the metabolism of vitamins and also activates the regenerative duration of skin epidermis.

The best part is that you can make this yourself!

What You Need:

■ 10 hot red peppers (fresh)
■ 2 c. cold-infused olive oil
■ 1 glass liter jar

To make:

● Wash peppers and slice up to get rid of the petiole.
● Put peppers in a meat grinder to get a cup of fine powder
● Put the powder in a clean liter glass jar
● Pour olive oil in jar with pepper powder
● Store in a dark place for seven days
● After a week, strain the mixture through a strainer

The peppers which have been used can be used as a food additive and added to food. The oil that comes from the mixture should be rubbed onto the skin.

To use, massage the oil onto the skin several times a day where you have joint pain. After massaging it on the body, put on warm tights or socks if you applied it to your feet and legs. You can also put the oil on other locations of the body depending on where the pain is such as your back, neck, or hands.

At first when applying the oil, you will feel a burning on the skin. It will be bearable and eventually you will feel the heat seep into your skin. Eventually, the intensity of the burning sensation will be reduced. After using this oil every day for a week for a couple of months, you can choose how often you decide to use it based on your pain levels. You may want to use it once a week or even if you have joint pain due to the change in weather. Please note to store the oil in a dark location.

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