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Doctors Find Yeugh In Boys Throat…“I Won’t Be Drinking Water From A Bucket Again!” He Said

It was disturbing discovery when the doctors somewhere in China announced what have they found in a boy while it was treating from sore throat.

Xiabo Chien’s mother took her son to see a doctor in Sichuan Provence after he complained of feeling dizzy.
The doctor made a simple medical checking to see the throat. But what he found was unbelievable. A seven centimeter leech was found lodged in his respiratory tract and the boy is only 11 years old.

Several weeks earlier Xiabo was drinking water from a bucket on the side of the road and he swallowed a parasite.
His mother Xiang Tung said she was shocked when she found out why he was sick.
“At first we thought he had flu as he said he was feeling dizzy and had a sore throat,’ she told the local newspaper.

“He hadn’t told us about the water-drinking so it never occurred to us that he may have picked up something.”
The leech was successfully removed by doctors and Xiabo has since made a full recovery.

“I won’t be drinking water from a bucket again!” he said.