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Hollywood Went Crazy About the 48 Hour Diet- It Reduces 8 Pounds in 2 Days

When you are in a phase of detoxification and purification, each you entry in the body should help to eliminate toxins and to supply with fluid.

Take this diet during the weekend. Is recommended consumption of tomatoes because of the presence of the antioxidant lycopene, grains and vegetables, which will increase the indoor temperature and activate the process of purification.

Weight loss syrup (drink at night before bedtime)

●300 ml water
●2 tablespoons lemon juice
●1 tablespoon maple syrup
●1 teaspoon chili pepper
●1 teaspoon ginger

All components are ground in a blender and the beverage is ready for use.

Juice for activating metabolism (daily before breakfast)

●6 tablespoons lemon juice
●2 tomatoes
●4 cloves garlic
●500 ml water
●6 ice cubes
The ingredients are also added to the blender and mix for 1 minute at maximum speed.

During these two days as much as you can drink more green tea without sugar instead of water. Eat only vegetables and grains in smaller quantities.

What Happens With Your Body After Eating Bananas With Black Spots-You Will Be Surprised

If you enjoy the company of bananas, then you should be really careful next time you decide to buy some. They are so delicious that rarely anyone can resist them, but there is one thing you must be aware of before buying these tropical flavor fruits. The fully ripe banana produces a substance called TNF( Tumor Necrosis Factor) which has the ability to combat abnormal cells. As the banana ripens, it develops dark spots or patches on the skin.

The more dark patches it has, the higher will be its’ immunity enhancement quality. Hence the Japanese love bananas for a good reason. According to a Japanese scientific research, banana contains TNF which has anti-cancer properties. This substance, according to their study, helps to increase the immune system capacity. The conclusion of the study was that eating those ripe bananas may just prevent certain lifestyle-related diseases and carcinogenesis.

The degree of anti-cancer effect corresponds to the degree of ripeness of the fruit, i.e. the rip…

Warning Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency Most People Miss and How to Cure It!

Vitamin D controls the calcium and phosphorus absorption, boosts the immune system and is very essential for strong bones, teeth and muscles.

The risk of development of bacterial infections, viral infections, heart diseases and multiple sclerosis is lowered by this important vitamin.

Many people lack this vitamin but they do not know that. If you have some of these symptoms, check your vitamin D levels and discover if you are vitamin D deficient.

Bones and muscles weakness
As we mentioned above, vitamin D is important for the bones, teeth and muscles. If these body parts are weak, it may be a sign that you lack this vitamin.

Sadness and depression
Women who lack vitamin D may feel sad or deprived.

Sensitivity to pain
Chronic pain can be cause by low levels of vitamin D.

Gum disease
A frequent symptom of vitamin D deficiency is bleeding, reddening and swelling of the gums.

High blood pressure
High blood pressure can be caused by not enough intake of vitamin D. It is very important for your heart.

How to Grow Healthy Hair at Home Naturally And Stop Hair Fall Using Two Kitchen Ingredients (VIDEO)

A woman’s hair is her triumphant glory. There is no wonder that most women will do anything for their hair to look astounding. They may go to great lengths in order to make sure that their hair is wholesome. They are looking for solutions in the salons, which are too expensive but also the overuse of chemicals is not the best option.

There are natural methods which will offer you the same result for less money. Try to make your individual hair cure at house using products that you can find in your kitchen like lemon and egg. In the following video, you will learn how to make a hair mask for strong and healthy hair.

Massage The Point Of A Hundred Diseases And Enjoy The Miracle!

There is a Japanese legend that says that once lived a man who inherited many valuable knowledge from his father.

One of these knowledge was associated with health, in particular with Tsu San Li “point of longevity” or “point of a hundred diseases” as it is called Japanese.

Following the advice of his father, this man massaging this point every day and lived to see the birth and death of several emperors.

Massage is one of the oldest methods of treatment in the East, which has been practiced for several thousand years. The human body has 365 points and 12 major meridians, which somewhat reminiscent of the days and months of the year.

The technique of this massage is based on the teachings of the meridians, and the channels that are associated with some authorities. In Chinese medicine, the body is seen as an energy system, and massage can affect the flow of energy and functional activity of organs.

Activating point Tsu San Li will give you a rejuvenating and healing effect and prevent ag…

Color of Your Urine Says About Your Health

Since the beginnings of medicine, the color of the urine has been used as a useful diagnostic tool. Its characteristics, including the color, density, and smell can indicate the state of our health. This article reveals some of the things your urine shows about you.

Your urine can change its color due to certain changes that happen in our body, it can range from no color, light nuances, to irregular, even strange colors. Learn how its color indicates your health issues:

No Color (Transparent)
If your urine has no color, it means that your body has large amounts of water, so you should reduce the amount of water you consume.

Pale Straw Color
The normal color of the human urine is pale straw, so in this case, it means you keep a good balance in your body, you are healthy and well hydrated.

Transparent Yellow
This urine color also brings good news! It shows that you are in a perfect health condition.

Dark Yellow
This urine color shows that your health is also good, but it needs hydration. It is …

Warning : 10 Signs Our Feet Send Us That We Should NEVER IGNORE!

The most distant parts of the body from the heart and the spine are the feet. They give off the first signals when there is any change in the body. That is the reason why they should be regularly observed so any health problems would be avoided.

■ Lack of hairs on the toes A woman would be happy about this, but it may show a problem with circulation. The hairs don’t grow because the feet don’t receive enough blood which is essential for hair growth. “Maybe your heart doesn’t pump enough blood so you should visit the doctor”, says dr. Carolyn McAloon from the California Pediatric Medication Association.
■ Cramps in the feet This is a sign of stress but it can also signal dehydration or malnutrition. Drink the sufficient amount of water daily and eat food with potassium, magnesium and calcium.
■ Small wounds which don’t heal This signs are a sign of diabetes. High level of sugar in the blood can lead to nerve damage and that is why people with diabetes can get wounds without feeling any pa…

6 Shocking Reasons To Never Give Your Child Chocolate Milk

The U.S. dairy industry invests millions trying to convince parents that chocolate milk is a necessary part of a child’s diet. In fact, flavored-milk sales amount to around $2.5 billion annually. However, the truth is non-organic, processed chocolate milk comes from cows that have been treated with growth hormones. Around eighty-five percent of nonorganic milk contains rGBH, which is a genetically modified synthetic growth hormone  used to increase a cow’s milk production. Additionally, most chocolate milk  contains low and non-fat milk, which has been found to inhibit the absorption of nutrients.

Contains Casein
The milk protein, casein, can irritate the immune system and stimulate mucus production, worsening allergy symptoms. This is why milk consumption is associated with recurrent childhood ear infections, eczema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and sinus conditions. Even those who are not allergic to milk and are spared digestive problems may find that symptoms related to these conditi…

Must See Banana Peel is The Newest Weight Loss Discovery (Recipe)

Banana is a standout amongst the most well-known natural product known to men. It is the most widely recognized wellspring of potassium, and potassium is the thing that individuals need to shed pounds. Potassium can help support your digestion system so that your body blazes more calories, and it serves to make vitality for your muscles. When you feel empowered, you will probably be dynamic.

Eating banana peels is more than some eco-conscious try—these things have some genuinely wonderful weight reduction advantages. Also, truly, it is not as odd as it sounds.

Why are peels the new thinning superfood? For one thing, the skins are pressed with supplements like vitamin A, lutein, and different cancer prevention agents, including B vitamins, which your body needs to keep its digestion system animated. In addition, they have huge amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber, significantly more than the natural product itself — both can moderate assimilation, help sentiments of fullness, and even…

A Woman Has Regularly Shaved Her Face For Eight Years: You Will Not Believe What Happened!

Women also have facial hair, but there is a lot weaker and lighter than the hair of the stronger sex. For some women hairiness is more pronounced, while for others it is not a cosmetic problem.

One of the worst dilemma of many ladies is just how to solve the problem of facial hair – and is the notorious and macho shaving advisable or not?

Angela Garvin is a 46-year-old lawyer from Essex (UK), who is shaving her face almost every morning! And she is not the only one!!!
Her day starts at 6:30 in the morning and the first thing she does after waking up is going to the bathroom, washing, cleaning her face and applying foam and shaving  three times a week, according to the Daily Mail.

Angela uses male disposable razor, carefully removes the hair from the face and washes with warm water. The whole process ends by applying a daily moisturizer on her face.

However, if it is known that for example shaving legs accelerates hair growth, at the same time making them stronger and darker, the question …

She Took a Little Bit of Vaseline and Put It On Her Arm. After This, You’ll Want To Do The Same!

Vaseline…We’ll be honest and say that we don’t exactly know what his true purpose is.

What we know is that there is one tube of it in almost every house.

If you don’t know what this “doughy thing” serves for too or you’re looking for some extra ideas, this video is perfect for you.

 Take a look at these 5 advices for the best ways to use Vaseline.

You can put some Vaseline on some things before wringing them so you can easily unscrew them next time.

Second, rub some Vaseline into your feet before you put on socks so that your feet are always fine, smooth and hydrated.

Third, rub some Vaseline around your nails before you put a nail polish on so that you can easily wipe it off, if you put a little bit of polish on your fingers.

Fourth, put some Vaseline on your earrings before putting them on your ears, so it can prevent irritation and easily go into your ear.

And the best thing is to put some Vaseline on your hand before applying some perfume. You’ll be surprised of the fact how long you’ll…

These 2 Common Spices Can Help You Lose 6 Pounds In Less Than a Week

Although not the only nutrients that are beneficial for your waistline, ginger and cinnamon are surely the only ones that give the fastest results.
If you want to quickly drop pounds, these 2 recipes can do wonders for your waistline, helping you lose amazing 6 pounds in less than a week.


500ml water
50ml yoghurt
3 bags of black tea
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ginger
1 tsp honey
1 tsp curry

Heat the water until it boils, then add all the ingredients except for yogurt. When the liquid has cooled, strain it and add the yogurt. Mix well.

Drink instead of dinner. You should only drink water afterwards.


80ml water
170ml milk
1 tsp ginger
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp curry

In boiling water, add the spices first and then the milk. Stir until you get a clear liquid.

This drink should be consumed before bedtime.

You should consume the drinks every day for a week. Then, take a week break.

Caution: Both recipes are not recommended for pregnant women and for people who have problems with digestion or kidneys…


Although all blood is made of the same basic elements, not all blood is alike. In fact, there are eight different common blood types – A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, and O-, which are determined by the presence or absence of certain antigens – substances that can trigger an immune response if they are foreign to the body.
Blood types don’t only matter for safe transfusions, but these can also disclose complex features of personal health.

Heart Disease
At-risk: AB
Harvard University conducted a study in 2012, which found that people with non-O blood are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease than other blood types, and those with AB blood type are at a 23% higher risk of suffering from heart disease than type O subjects.

According to the study author Dr. Lu Qi, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition, the specific structure of people’s antigens should be taken into consideration as much as cholesterol and blood pressure. In his words “while people cannot change their blood…

Attention! Do Not Mix These Household Products They Can Kill You

Many people are unaware of the danger of combining different household cleaners. The thing is that by doing so, you can create harmful gases that can have adverse effects upon your health. Read the article to find out which cleaning products never to mix, thus protect your and your family’s health.

Two different cleaners
If you belong to the group of people who think that by mixing a window cleaner with some universal cleaner, they will get better results, then you couldn’t be more wrong. You should avoid doing this by all costs as every cleaner is made for a specific purpose.

Rubbing alcohol and bleach
This mixture is a big NO-NO! It’s in fat a combination of chloroform and hydrochloric acid, which is extremely dangerous. It’s best to just use bleach on its own.

Bleach with ammonia
Mixing these two ingredients creates toxic smokes, mainly chloramines, which are not only dangerous for your eyes, but are also really unsafe to breathe in.

Chlorine bleach with vinegar
When mixed with chlorine, a…

Burn Fat Like Never Before With This Coconut Treat Recipe

Coconut has become very popular in the past few years for its numerous uses, including skin care and treatment of various skin conditions, oil pulling, and its delicious flavor gives an amazing taste to cakes, ice cream, and baking goods.

Health Benefits of Coconut 
Fatty acids: Coconut oil is a rich source of fatty acids which have the ability to improve mental health and prevent the incidence of mental degeneration which occurs due to age.

Minimize hunger: Its high fatty acid content can suppress your appetite and keep you full for a longer period.

Boost your energy usage: One coconut per day can improve your energy consumption, which consequently accelerates the fat-burning process.

Lower blood pressure: A number of studies have shown evidence that regular consumption of coconut oil will significantly reduce the cholesterol levels, which will protect you from development of cardiovascular disease. Regulated cholesterol levels prevent the incidence of heart attack , which is the main cau…

Joints and Bones Pain, Rheumatism… This Oil Will Cure The Pain in 7 Days !

Joint and bone pain along with rheumatism bring a lot of pain and an oil made from red hot peppers could just cure the pain in just a week’s time. This oil has been found to be effective for people who suffer from joint pains, neuralgia, myositis, radicalistic, and rheumatism. This stimulating oil is a part of oils that are full of heat and can be irritating. However, as a stimulant, the oil has qualities that cause it to expand the capillaries and increase the circulation of blood in the upper layers of the skin. This helps to enhance the metabolism of vitamins and also activates the regenerative duration of skin epidermis.

The best part is that you can make this yourself!

What You Need:

■ 10 hot red peppers (fresh)
■ 2 c. cold-infused olive oil
■ 1 glass liter jar

To make:

● Wash peppers and slice up to get rid of the petiole.
● Put peppers in a meat grinder to get a cup of fine powder
● Put the powder in a clean liter glass jar
● Pour olive oil in jar with pepper powder
● Store in a dark plac…

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast Without Exercise

If you are like most people you have some extra weight around your middle that you would like to lose. Additionally, if you are like most people you hate doing crunches. The good news is that recent research shows that even if you do crunches every day you are not likely to lose the fat around your stomach.

Instead of exercising one of the best ways to lose belly fat is to reduce the amount of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that holds onto fat in the stomach area. Here are 6 ways to reduce cortisol levels which can help you lose your belly fat without exercising.

Getting enough sleep will help normalize your cortisol levels. Sleep is important as it can have a big impact on your weight and metabolism.

Added sugar is very unhealthy. There have been studies that show that when you eat refined sugars the liver is flooded with fructose, which is then turned into fat. Eating large amounts of fructose can lead to accumulation of fat in the stomach area.

3. EA…

Use This Simple Tip To Save A Baby From Choking

As a parent, you have likely thought of all the possible things that can risk your child’s health and put them in danger. For many parents, choking is near the top of the list. However, if you know how to identify the signs of choking and then clear it up, you can respond to this emergency situation promptly and calmly.

It is important to know if you are putting your child at risk for choking with the foods you feed them. Foods like grapes, hot dogs, blueberries, and similarly-sized foods can be very dangerous.You may wish to chop food into small, bite-size pieces to suit your child. This ensures that, if they do gag, the food will still likely make its way past the airway without issues.

Infants are young toddlers who are still learning how to eat are often at highest risk for choking. This is because they are still learning the importance of chewing and how much food they can handle in their mouths.

If your child begins coughing, seems unable to breathe, ex…

Remove Fats from Blood Vessels and Normalize Your Blood Pressure with This Effective Natural Remedy

Eating high-fat food can cause high levels of fat in your blood. Also, some people have high-fat levels due to inherited disorder.

Additionally, high lipid content can be caused by other medical conditions like diabetes, hypothyroidism, alcoholism, kidney disease, liver disease and stress. Some people are dealing with this condition because of certain medicines, such as birth control pills, steroids and blood pressure medicines.

You can reduce your lipid levels by eating less fat, regular exercising and losing weight. Also, if you smoke it is advisable to stop that habit.

Here is another Russian folk remedy that will help you clean fats and all dangerous substances from the blood vessels, boost blood circulation and lipid’s content, normalize blood pressure and improve blood circulation to the brain.

You need these three ingredients:

– 4 garlic cloves

– 4 lemons (unpeeled)

– 3 liters of boiled water

How to prepare it:

Clean the garlic. Cut the lemon into slices and together with the garlic pu…

All Of Your Problems Will Disappear If You Pour Beer Over The Leaves Of This Fruit And Cook Them All Together!

You can throw away all those creams for shiny and smooth skin, and use only this amazing and very effective potion.

Did you know that cherries are rich in vitamins A, C, E and folic acid, magnesium, iron and fiber? And yes, they can be consumed in unlimited quantities.

In addition if you are having problems with sand in your urinary track you can solve it by drinking a tea made of the stems and the leaves of cherries. This tea will also help you get rid of cellulite, impotence, kidney disease and chronic cough. The cherry leaves can also help you with dandruff and swollen eyelids, as well as weight loss.

But did you know that the cherry leaves, combined with beer are an excellent elixir for your body?

This drink is recommended to reduce inflammations and protect your nervous system. At the same time, this magnificent elixir, helps in preventing cancer, treating symptoms of menopause and insomnia.

In a bowl put one tablespoon of crushed dried cherry leaves and one tablespoon of dri…

East Indian Secret to Cancer-Free Life: Remedy with Only 3 Ingredients

Did you know that the East Indians have considerably lower rates of cancer? Here is what Dr. Carolyn Anderson says about this fact.
The East Indians are less likely to develop cancer although they are more exposed to carcinogens in their environment that people in the West.
As she was researching the literature on cancer prevention and treatment, she found statistics that struck her as lightning. The ratios are as following:

– The East Indians have 1/5 as many breast cancers as North Americans at the same age!
– The East Indians have 1/8 as many lung cancers as North Americans at the same age!
– The East Indians have 1/9 as many colon cancers as North Americans at the same age!
– The East Indians have 1/50 our rate at prostate cancer!

What is the reason for this significant difference in cancer rates?
There are three answers according to Dr. Anderson:

1. Turmeric is a spice that does miracles
If you have never seen or tried turmeric, it is a yellow powdered spice, made from the root of a plant …

Relieve Arthritis Pain and Inflammation Fast With Omega-3s. Here's how

Arthritis and inflammation cause daily pain and difficulties moving. It can also create joints that swell, meaning sometimes clothes don’t fit properly or jewellery can’t be put on. Sometimes it means missing out on crafts with children, knitting, or digging in the garden. There’s a myriad of things that can go wrong.

The best way to reduce swelling outside of careful exercise is with food. While avoiding inflammatory ingredients are necessary, it is important to add in certain foods, particularly those high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.
Omega-3s Omega-3s are divided into three categories – APAs, EPAs, and DHAs. APAs are the most important of these three. These are acids that our bodies cannot produce. The body can produce EPAs and DHAs in limited supply from consuming APAs, but it is not enough to be a healthy amount.
What’s the Right Amount? It is necessary for women to consume 1.1 grams of APAs, and pregnant women 1.4 grams. There’s no upper limit, but the much-touted salmon …

She Ate Three Dates Daily For 12 Days – And This Is What Happened

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you start to eat dates? Probably not. More people do not think about dates and their impact on health. 
But if you start eating 3 dates a day here’s what will happen.

They have high nutritional valueThe first thing you’ll notice is that dates have some excellent nutritional advantages. You do not have to take additional vitamins if you eat three dates per day. They include copper, potassium, manganese, fiber, vitamin B-6 and magnesium.

They improve digestionThey are an excellent food for digestion. If you have problems such as constipation or other problems with the digestive tract, dates can help you. They contain fibers which lower the risk of colon cancer. Dates are also recommended as a treatment for hemorrhoids.

Dates as an analgesicBecause they contain a lot of magnesium, dates can ease the pain and help the swelling. Studies have shown that magnesium in dates can help reduce arterial inflammation to reduce the risk of heart disease, and m…

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