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The Health Dangers Hidden In Your Soap (And How To Pick The Right Soaps)


If you are like most people around the world, there is a great chance that soap is a regular and common household item in your home. We have been conditioned to believe that any soap will do the best cleaning job. 

However, there are important differences in the kinds of soaps and the effects those soaps have on your health.

There is a chemical in antibacterial soap which is called triclosan. This chemical is believed to cause disruption of the thyroid function and hormone levels in many people. It is already know that this chemical, when mixing with waste water can cause sex changes in aquatic life. Many health experts believe that an overuse of this and other antibacterial chemicals actually furthers and promotes the growth of bacteria that are usually resistant to antibacterial treatments.

Normal soap and warm water will kills just as many germs and antibacterial soap will eliminate. This has been shown and verified by several studies around the globe. If you must use hand sanitizer, chose a brand that is purely alcohol based and doesn’t list triclosan and other chemicals on its labels. This way you ensure that you are still getting the effects you desire without the dangers caused by chemicals.

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