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Shocking Video Of A Hospital In China: Cancer Can Be Healed For Less Than 3 Minutes!

Shocking Video Of A Hospital In China
Long time ago and Nikola Tesla spoke about the fact that people one day by the power of their thoughts will generate electricity, that means – our thoughts are very strong energy. The shocking theory that cancer can be cured in quite a simple way, for years is spoken by American author Gregg Braden, known as a man who know how  to treat cancers. 

Actually, he argues that emotions affect on our DNA and that collective power of thought, such as prayers or suggestions can bring us to recover from any physical illness.

Cancer Cells
Cancer disappears with the effect of the intent or purpose and awareness of the connection of our thoughts and manifestations in the physical world, and it is used field that connects everything. This essential field that is spoken is scientifically proven and presented in leading professional magazine “Nature” in 1996-th year..

Control over thoughts and emotions.
Our thoughts and emotions form an electromagnetic field. The waves in this magnetic field reached even one meter of our body. But, that thinking of focused, powerful thoughts, not those who are often scattered on everything we see or feel. Common thoughts can create extremely strong electromagnetic field and act on the environment.

When you develop this technique, it is no longer a fiction nor a technology that is based treatment. This is proven by the shocking video of a hospital in China, where it is demonstrated healing of cancer for less than a three minutes, following the whole process with ultrasound screen. To be able to produce strong electromagnetic radiation you must learn to establish control over their thoughts and emotions and strengthens them with exercise.

Emotions changes our DNA
Our emotions and feelings represent a mirror. If we say that one day we will get well, or that one day we will be happy, we will get a job, etc., mirror suits us that it will never happen or that it is far into the future. But if we spoke and we feel that we are changing right now, than in our body we feel changes and our DNA changes and we also changes.

Science for years argued that our faith and feelings have no impact on our disease and our lives, but psychology argues otherwise. Exactly our feelings, thoughts, emotions and faith manage with everything going on in ourselves and in our lives.
Therefore, remember, our emotions changes our DNA!