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Reduce Muscle and Joint Stiffness By 50% by Doing These 3 Simple Stretches

Reduce Muscle and Joint Stiffness
As we get older, our body muscles begin to tighten and restrict motion in the joints causing stiff neck and sore backs. Fortunately, according to the British Journal of Sports medicine, you will reduce muscle soreness and increase flexibility if you do these 3 simple stretches.

Seated Neck Stretch
The muscles in our neck are always active, so it is more likely that this area of the body will experience stiffness, soreness and sharp pain. As a result of this, you can also get frequent headaches and sore backs.

Flexible trainings are recommended for alleviating and preventing neck pain. To perform the seated neck stretch simply find a comfortable chair to sit on, then relax the body as much as possible, Place right hand on top of head and gently pull your head to the right lowering ear toward your shoulder, repeat on the left side.
Don’t worry about the popping sound, it is normal. Talk to your doctor if you feel any sharp pain.

Hip Flexor Stretch
This stretch may be very good for you if you love running or you are constantly on your feet throughout the day. The flexibility training is a great way to keep your hip flexors lose and pain free. If the hip flexors are not properly stretched, they can become extremely tight.

Find a chair about knee height and stand two feet away from the chair. Place your dominant foot on the seat of the chair, and place your hands on your hip for balance. Shift weight forward to feel a stretch in the front of your hip and then repeat with the opposite leg.
The chair you are using should be very stable, in case of injury.

Chest Opener Stretch
You probably think that the chest might not be an area that needs to be stretch since it is the largest cluster of muscle in the upper part of the human body, but the chest can also experience pain, cramping and stiffness.

Find an open doorway about 8-12 inches wider than your shoulders. Stand facing the doorway and stretch your arms out to sides, elbows bent, forearms and palms pressing into wall. Walk forward to feel a stretch in chest and arms. Hold for 15 seconds and release, repeat if needed.

The British journal of sports medicine stated that you can reduce stiffness, soreness and pain by almost 50 percent by repeating these three exercises over a 10 minute period.

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