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Read Why The World Went Crazy About This Diet!

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Chrono diet was created by the French doctor Alain Delabos who studied “chronobiology” and he used his knowledge to improve human diet.

What is it based on? Basically your body works differently at different time periods and is processing the food depending on when you consume it. Among other things, each body is different in size, shape and bone structure and so the amount of consumed food should be different.

In Chrono diet you should follow the rule of combining food. Proteins and carbohydrates should be consumed only in the morning for breakfast.

You mustn’t skip meals.

It is important to have three meals and between them 5 hour pause to regulate the insulin and blood sugar levels.

It is recommendable to do interval trainings and the best combinations are rapid and slow walking. Do the exercises only in the morning.

Products that you should avoid are: milk, sugar, white flour and yogurt.

This diet quite quickly has become popular because you don’t need to count the calories; you just need to obey simple rules.

A few rules:
If you are taller you can eat more. The amount of food that can be consumed depends on how tall you are.
The bigger your bones are, the less weight you should lose. You can count how big your bones are by measuring the wrist. Average size is 6cm.
For those who want sweets: Eat food that contains only carbohydrates from the moment you feel hungry until late afternoon.
You can choose 2 meals by wish within the week.
No alcohol
No sugar in your coffee or tea
No milk or yogurt!
Do not eat if you aren’t hungry.
Eat a banana 1 hour before you start training

Menu by Chrono diet:

Eat carbs, proteins and fat. Avoid wheat or corn. Allowed flours are: barley, buckwheat, oat etc. Bacon is allowed, but preferably without additives.

You need to eat proteins from beef, pork or lamb, without carbohydrates but with vegetables. You also need to eat larger amounts of fresh white and green vegetables combined in salads.

And this meal should be rich in proteins, but the lighter ones coming from the white meat and fish. Sometimes you can combine it with young cheese. And for dinner you can combine green and white vegetables.

The sweets and even fruits are allowed to be consumed only in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner. The best choice is  dark chocolate with 70% cocoa and dried fruit.

If you need to reduce more weight:

More restrictions are needed. No snacks and sweets, including fruit. All starch vegetables are forbidden too.

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