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New Revolutionizing Treadmill Workout: Lose Weight In No Time!

Treadmill Workout: Lose Weight In No Time!
The most common gym routines almost always include a time slot allotted to the infamous treadmill workout, yet the majority of people absolutely despise the thing! It doesn’t matter if you have a TV in front of you or if you’re listening to music, treadmill workouts are tedious.

Maybe the reason they’re so boring is because we’ve only been taught to use them in one way. If you could switch it up and bring some new life into your treadmill workout… wouldn’t you?

Here are 5 Incredibly Creative Ways to Make Your Treadmill Workout Exciting and Versatile:

Depending on how confident you are with your balance and strength, this workout can be done with or without weights. If you decide to use weights, I suggest starting with 5lbs and working your way up to 10 lbs.

Place your weights in a secure position on either side of the treadmill display screen and set your treadmill to a very slow walking pace. Once you’ve gotten the feel of the speed, grab your weights (remember you don’t have to use weights) and allow your self to drift back on the treadmill so that you can take one large step forward and lunge. Alternative legs, and repeat.

If you’re not using weights, put your hands on your hips when you lunge. This will help with balance.

This exercise is excellent for cardio, core strength, length strength and back support.

Set your treadmill to the highest incline option, and a slow walking pace (a bit faster than the previous workout) and use the supports on either side of you to turn around and begin walking backwards uphill.

This is an excellent workout for your calf muscles, your butt and your thighs. If you wan’t to increase the difficulty level, then incorporate weights and do bicep curls as you walk backward.

Increase the speed in your treadmill to a slow jogging pace and turn sideways to begin a shuffle run (don’t forget to bring down your incline!). This requires you to lead with one foot, bring your lagging food to your leading foot and then step sideways again with your leading foot and repeat.

After completing 2-5 minutes facing one way, switch to face the other direction and shuffle with your other foot as the new lead.

You’ll feel the burn in your butt and thighs almost instantly – and remember to always engage your core (flex your stomach muscles while maintaining excellent posture).

For this exercise, reach and maintain a moderate jogging pace, but with every step, bring your heels all the way to your butt. This dynamic workout will work your leg muscles (specifically your glute and hamstring muscles), push your cardio, and engage your core. Bonus Workout: If you’re looking for a great way to workout your arms and your core, try doing the moving plank on your treadmill. First and foremost, set your treadmill to an extremely low speed (as though a baby were going to walk on the treadmill). This particular treadmill workout then requires you to get in a plank position at the back end of your treadmill, with your hands anchored on the stationary panels on either side of the treadmill.

When you feel comfortable, move your hands to the moving belt and begin to walk with your hands. This specific exercise is extremely difficult and I would recommend having a spotter to ensure that your back stays in a safe, flat planking position. Remember if you get sore or tired, simple move your hands back to the side panels and take a break!

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