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Never Touch These 7 Parts Of Your Body!!!!!

Never Touch These 7 Parts Of Your Body
We all know our body. It is beautiful and some parts a little disgusting. If you touch any of these 7 parts on your body you may spread diseases and some unpleasant germs that can just harm your health. So these parts are better left alone.

Here are the seven germiest parts on your body
You need to keep your hands away from these seven parts because they will only bring you harm. You won`t be surprised by some of them, and some will maybe make you cringe of thinking how many times you have touched them and unintentionally spread some germs.

The dirtiest place on the body is the face. It comes in touch with many things during the day, like the phone, the door… It is the most exposed part of the body to outer germs. So if you touch your face you can spread all those germs on the other parts of your body.

The ears are supposed to be cleaning themselves. So don’t stick anything in them. If you hurt your ear you may be hurting it forever. So, if you have any ear problems you better go and see a doctor instead of picking it yourself.

There isn’t any reason why you should touch your eyes, except if wearing contact lenses. So don’t rub, don’t poke, don’t touch. If they are itching just wash them with water.

Like your eyes, your mouth can rapidly spread disease throughout the body. Image how many germs your hands have, and now think if you want all those germs to spread and reproduce in the mouth?

Inside of the nose:
The inside of the nose has extremely thin skin. So if you itch it or put your fingers inside you may scratch this skin and spread infections. It can even make you feel sick.

The skin under the nails:
The skin under the nails is the best place for bacteria. They are not washed like they should be, they are dark and full of places for bacteria to hide. So keep your nails as short as possible and don’t scratch your skin with them.

The butt:
You already know about this one. Many bacteria live in the digestive tract. You need to wash thoroughly after using the restroom and avoid the bacteria to spread on other parts of the body. After washing up your hands don’t need to be near the butt at all.

Keep your hands clean, don’t touch, don’t rub, don’t poke anything you shouldn’t. Keep all the germs away from the body. Wash your hands frequently and stay healthy.

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