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Improve Your Vision And Regulate Eye Pressure Using This Remedy

Improve Your Vision And Regulate Eye Pressure

Eyebright, as a medicinal herb, helps in the treatment of glaucoma, conjunctivitis, improves vision, removes stye and relieves inflammation in the body, clears the cornea and improves vision.

It’s useful to periodically wash your eyes with tea made from this plant.
Eyebright ointment has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, and helps in the treatment of conjunctivitis.
With glaucoma,eyebright regulates the intraocular pressure in a short period of time and eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of glaucoma. For stye, a warm compress stimulates the secretion and relieves inflammation of the eyelids, and effectively removes the stye.

In a quart of water put one tablespoon of chopped eyebright. Cook it. Then take the lid off and let it sit until it has cooled to 30 ° C.
Put the tea in a round bowl. Put your head inside the bowl, open your eyes (while your face is in the water) and the your head out. Repeat the process several times.

Preparation: Pour hot water over the plant, cover it and let it sit for 2 minutes. Then strain it.
Directions: Drink 2-3 cups of tea to strengthen your eyesight and fight diseases.
People with biliary complications, acute gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, and liver ulcers, shouldn’t consume eyebright.

Improves Poor Vision
In every meal,add a little thyme, and wash your eyes with thyme water.Repeat the process until your vision completely recovers.

If your eyes sting, wash them with tea made from male and female plantain.
Don’t wash your cheeks with water. Massage the area around your eyes and brows with sour milk or whey.
In the morning, before your meals and before going to bed, rub your eyes with olive oil. Your eyes will strengthen and your vision will be significantly improved.

Put finely chopped rotten apple on your eyes and apply a bandage over them. After an 8 day treatment, your eyes will be healthy again.

Put 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley leaves in 300 g of water and cook 3-4 minutes. Strain the liquid and use it to wash your eyes. Also, use the tea as a lining while you’re sleeping. Be sure to strain it well.

Take chamomile, elder flower, sweet woodruff and rose petals in equal parts. Mix them, and add one tablespoon of the mixture in half a liter of boiling water. Leave it covered for 15 minutes. Then strain it. Drink one cup, three times a day. Use the rest to wash your eyes.

In a spoonful of warm water, put a few drops of honey. When it melts well, apply it on your eyes.