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Muscles pain can happen while riding a bike, working or exercising in a gym. Do you suffer from pain in the neck and head, muscles pain, wrist pain or some other common pains and you have wander how to stop the annoying pain but you haven find a solution yet? You don’t need to worry anymore, because you will need only 90 seconds to stop this kind of pains. Does it sound impossible? There is a new method for stopping muscle pain right away.

Gratefully, we will show you the new Dr. Dale Anderson’s inventive “Fold and Hold method. No more medical checkups, no medications, dietary supplements or some special instruments, only four basic steps. So let’s learn something more about these steps one by one:

1. You have to find the tender spot first.
2. Put your body in a position with less pain. With other words bend one part of the body over another part of the body to decrease tension on the bellow lying muscles.
3. Stay like this for 90 seconds. Then gently and slowly back to your original position.

4. You can relax your muscles with gently stretching in the opposite directions.

Try the “fold and hold” method if you have bunions. Just twist the big toe under the foot and push to the center of the foot. You can ask another person to help you or you can do it by yourself.

This method will likewise help if you have heel spurs. Ask somebody to push the heel and toe together while you are lying on your stomach. You can do it without anyone else’s help by pushing the top of your feet against the seat of the chair.
If you do the fold and hold method for three times and you are as yet experiencing muscles torment, or worst, produces reactions, stop immediately and consult a specialist.

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