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Ancient Chinese Medicine – Prevents Diseases And Rejuvenates The Entire Body

Ancient Chinese Medicine
This ancient remedy was found by an UNESCO expedition in 1971, in Tibet, in the ruins of a monastery. This medicine is presumably 5000 years old. The recipe has been translated into almost all languages ​​of the world.

It frees the body from fat, improves exchange of particles and the elasticity of the blood cells. It prevents heart attacks, sclerosis, apoplexy and the creation of tumors. It stops the noise in your head, improves vision, etc.

If you follow the recipe, this medicine can rejuvenate your whole body.

Wash 350g of garlic, chop it finely and pestle it with a wooden or clay pestle. Add 300g of alcohol (96%). Keep it in a container, tightly closed and store in a cool place for 10 days.

After that, strain the mixture through a solid fabric. Place the obtained liquid in a container or a bottle, close it and keep in the cool place for 2-3 days, after which you can start the treatment.

In a glass, put 50 grams of milk, and add the required number of drops from the medicine, following this program.

Day 1: Breakfast 1 drop, lunch 2 drops, dinner 3 drops.

Day 2: Breakfast 4 drops, lunch 5 drops, dinner 6 drops.

Day 4: Breakfast 10 drops, lunch 11 drops, dinner 12 drops.

Day 5: Breakfast 13 drops, lunch 14 drops, dinner 15 drops.

Day 6: Breakfast 15 drops, lunch 14 drops, dinner 13 drops.

Day 7: Breakfast 12 drops, lunch 11 drops, dinner 10 drops.

Day 8: Breakfast 9 drops, lunch 8 drops, dinner 7 drops.

Day 9: Breakfast 6 drops, lunch 5 drops, dinner 4 drops.

Day 10: Breakfast 3 drops, lunch 2 drops, dinner 1 drop.

Day 11: Breakfast 25 drops, lunch 25 drops, dinner 25 drops.

Continue taking the medicine, 25 drops, three times a day until you use up all the liquid.

It’s recommended you repeat the procedure every 5 years.

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