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Your Left Palm Discovers Your Future, the Right One- Your Destiny: Here is How you Can Interpret the Meaning

Our left palm tells us everything about the inherited capabilities and from it we can see what awaits us for us in the future. The right one shows us everything that we have accomplished until now. Moreover, the passive palm is read when we want to know about inherited characteristics and about our potential whereas the active one when we want to find out something about the changes of those inherited traits. If the marks on the active and passive palm are different, it means that this person has worked actively and put a lot of effort on her/his development in every field. Right handed people have a more active right hand, whereas the left one is passive, and in left handed people the case is vice versa. People with relatively small palms are considered to be more active and they spend less time in contemplating about what should be done.

Here is how you can properly interpret the lines on your palms:
Life line
It begins between the thumb and the index finger and moves toward the hand wrist. If it is long, deep and soft it means good health and longevity. Any irregular stops or separations of this line point out to diseases or misfortune.

Head line
Above the life line, the head line is located. A long and deep line means: all-encompassing mind whereas a short and deep line: a simple mind. If the line is turned downward into one direction:  rich fantasy. When it moves upwards: boring, objective. A simultaneous beginning with the life line: reasonable and enjoyable communion with the other gender. A beginning located far above the life line: hypocritical person. A few little lines across the head line: headache problems.

Heart line
Above the head line with an opposite start (from the little finger toward the index finger) is the heart line. If it is deep, gentle and long: sincere feelings and compassion. If the end of the heart line is between the index and middle finger: good person, willing to sacrifice. If the end of this line is on the index finger: has the need for power. The end of the heart line behind the index finger, points out that this person has dedicated her/his life on one profession. The closer the heart line and head line, the more does the mind dominate over the feelings.

Fate line
From the wrist joint to the middle finger and if it is deep than the fate determines the life path. If the fate line begins in the middle of the palm: late success. If there is no fate line: a determined life path. Any interruptions of the fate line: evil omens. If the form of the fate line is in zigzag it means unhappiness, and turning off from the right path.

Art line
These line turns from the fate line to the ring finger. If it is especially accented, it means that this person is artistic. If this line is seen, besides another one (money line) than the person must live from its talent. Crosses and quadrants onto the line point out on incidental profits. If the two lines are gone, the person will not have glory or happiness.

Mercury line
Right near the art line, under the little finger. A long and strong line means: business capabilities. Several thin lines mean that the person has a scientific interest. The Mercury line, attached with the art or money line means: fortune through business or science.

Health line
The curve under the Mercury line and many people do not have it. If it is present it points out to health problems and usually connected with pain in the inner organs.

Happiness line
Around four curves from the wrist and if they are clearly visible they mean: luck, but if they are interrupted, hard work. If these lines are not present there is no happiness for the person.

Erotic lines
Little lines located below the thumb and strong lines mean expressed sensitivity. Strong, long and parallel lines mean a strong love feeling whereas short and weak lines point out to little sensitivity. A net of lines: prone to quarrels, short relationships.

Success line
Little lines from the head line to the index finger. If these are straight lines it means that ambition leads this person to success, and if they are intermingled this may mean some obstacles on the way to success. Cutting lines are stronger than the success lines: failure of ambitious plans.

Venus circle
The curve below the middle finger and the ring finger and if this is a closed circle it points out to disappointment in love. If there are several circles it means high sensitivity which means difficulty when living with someone. Semi circle means that any disappointment will be overcome.

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