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WITH THIS TRICKS you will eliminate all the pain in the back!

back pain

Back pain is a very common phenomenon which can be alleviated by therapy reflexology. Most back pain is non-specific and can’t be linked to a specific event, such as injury.

This type of back pain often occurs sporadically.
But whether your back pain is temporary or chronic, there are reflexology techniques that you can use to obtain relief in back, there are for short and long term.

Method 1 – Reflexology on the feet
Treat lower back pain with massage of reflex points on the feet, the entire area around your heel and ankle, as well as the inner edge of your foot – the reflex points of your spine are located along the inside of your foot. Pain in the upper back is treated with massage or pressure on the reflex points of the shoulders and upper back, which are located at the top of your feet directly below the base of the toes.

Direct your attention first to the cervical spine. Reflex points of the spine are following the line of inner edge of your foot; these reflex points aren’t on the tread of your foot Grasp your right foot with your left hand and use your right thumb to treat spinal reflexes that are on the inner side of your foot, from the tip of your thumb all the way to the ankle. On beginning on foot, press your thumb firmly into the skin and keep it moving to the entire length of your foot, to make sure that you have pressed each reflex point.

Treat your sciatic nerve.
Reflexes of the sciatic nerve are located behind the ankle bone, and continue in a straight line about 10 cm. Sciatica causes intense pain down the legs, because the nerves are compressed, and that can happen due to a number of factors.

By treating these reflex points you will improve blood flow to this area. Treatment reflexes of sciatic nerve every day a few minutes are a great way to prevent a painful condition of sciatica.

Take care of the pain in the upper back by applying reflexology points that are associated with the upper back and shoulders. Press with your thumb directly below the base of the toes, first at the bottom, and then on top of the foot.
When you work on your feet, you can press your fingers deep into this reflex.

Reflex points of the shoulders and upper back that are on the tops of your feet on the upper side require a softer touch, because this area is more bony and vulnerable.

Method 2 – Reflexology on hands
Use reflexology on hand, when is better than reflexology on foot or if your foot is in any way injured or infected.

Treat reflex points of your spine by pressing your thumb along the outer edge of the palm. Do this on the right hand, and then switch to the left.

Treat reflexes that fit your shoulders by applying pressure to the area directly below your little finger, at the top and below the palm.

Always work on reflex points on both hands; reflexes of left shoulder are at the bottom of the little finger of your left hand, and of the right shoulder to your right hand.

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