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Unbelievable 7 Benefits of Eggs

Have you ever thought about how many important health benefits we get from the eggs. They have a lot of them, you probably haven’t heard the half of them, so don’t be surprised.

These are the ones which are more important:

Easy to digest
No matter what way you cook them, they will be always easy in the stomach. The eggs are improving your immune system.

Reduces the risk of breast cancer
Eating only 6 eggs weekly, reduces the risk of breast cancer for 44%.

Good for eyesight
The two carotenoids in the eggs, lutein and zeaxanthin, makes your vision clearer and helps your eyes be healthier. You will be also protected from UV rays, cataract and macular degeneration.

Improves nails and hair help
In the eggs can be also found sulphur acids, which improves the health of your hair and your nails. The minerals like iron, zinc and selenium take place in the eggs, and take good care of your hair too.

Maintains body weight
If you want better body weight, then the eggs are perfect choice for you to bulk up on proteins. Eating eggs do not increase the chances of overeating, so the body weight is maintained.

Makes the bones strong
Eggs are rich in Vitamin D, which is the most important vitamin for the bones. Because of this, they cure diseases like osteoporosis and boost bone density.

Essential for brain health
Eggs boost your brain because of the big amounts of choline . Besides choline, in the yolk of the egg there is folate. The folate helps your brain function properly and maintains the nerve cells.

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