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Strange Trick That Works! Watch the Video and Get Rid of Flies! (VIDEO)

This is a trick that is worth trying.
As well as mosquitoes, flies are the most boring summer insects. Besides being very strenuous with their persistent buzzing around people, especially around food, many find them repulsive precisely because they can be carriers of various infections.

Summer days are so unthinkable without the fly killers. A trick that really helps has spread through social networks, and all you need to get rid of flies quickly are one nylon bag, a little water, a rope and a few coins.

The combination seems strange, but each item is quite significant.
A half of the bag should be filled up with water, insert a coin into it and tie it. Then all together put it at the front and balcony doors, windows or where you like.

The light that will be reflected through the water will refuse flies and the coins will look as a big “live” threat.

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