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She Applied Toothpaste Onto Her Skin. The Reason Why She Did This? These Advices Will Amaze You!

What is the worst thing which can happen to you in the summer? Heat or sweating? Mosquito bites and blisters? Just the thought of these things makes your skin itch. But, now we are going to discover some home ingredients which can successfully protect you from mosquito bites.

Essential oils
These oils contain ingredients against itching, swelling and pain. They are great for healing mosquito bites, and sometimes they can serve as means to deal with bacterial infections on the skin.

The cold calms the nerves and lowers the itching. Also, it can prevent pain caused by swelling.

A natural antibiotic and a real miracle in healing so many problems not just insect bites.

Put cut garlic on the bitten area and leave it to react for several minutes and then wash off with water.

Apply a bit of toothpaste on the bitten area and its freshness will liberate you from the unpleasant itching.

Banana peel
Rub the bitten area with the inner part of the banana peel and you will lower the unpleasant feeling.

Sodium bicarbonate
Mix sodium bicarbonate with warm water and apply onto the bitten spot. Leave it to react for a few minutes, and then wash off.

It contains a substance which has a similar effect as the mint in toothpastes. Apply the basil leaves onto the skin and you will feel less pain and have less swelling.

Ground one Aspirin and mix the powder with warm water and then apply it to the bitten place.

Apple cider vinegar
The acid in the vinegar immediately stops the itching! Besides that, the vinegar has strong antibacterial properties and prevents infections.

Adhesive tape
Apply adhesive tape onto the bitten area in order to prevent the itching and speed up the process of healing.

Vodka and gin
They cool off the bitten area and put an end to the itching.

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