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Medicinal oil, for which pharmacists don’t want you to know, that destroys cancer cells…

chamomile oil
About essential oils and fats we wrote a number of texts, their effects on human health are incredible and most of readers little known.
In a recent study published by Chinese scientists, the nature discovered another miracle in the form of golden drops of chamomile oil and thyme. As the number of cancer patients every day is increasing, and medicine stand in the same place, we will turn to nature and his benefits.

Nature is rich in medicinal compounds, but unfortunately natural compounds can’t be patented and the most effective “drugs” remain intact, while people are dying because of the poison which is presented to them as miracle of medicine. Money is more important than human life, that’s true, surely you could feel on your own skin because you had to go through different treatments of vaccination with rich doses of mercury, fluoridation of teeth and oral cavity and that is the simple “normality” of today’s society.

Chinese-German team still in 2012 discovered remarkable effects of cheap and easily obtaining oils of chamomile and thyme in malignant breast cancer cells. Despite the efficiency of gold drops from nature, none pharmaceutical company hasn’t decided to use data from the study because they can’t benefit. The above-mentioned team has explored almost all natural essential oils, other than chamomile and thyme, found that even oils of mint, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, rose and cinnamon has antibacterial properties and in vitro toxicological activity to all cancer cells.

Even at a concentration of 0.2% essential oils are prevented from spreading human cancer cells and killed prostate cancer cells, lung cancer, but only the peppermint oil was less effective in this ratio. Scientists have found that cinnamon oil, thyme, chamomile and jasmine were most potent at killing breast cancer cells, but it’s amazing how the same oils have a strong defensive performance against the development of this cancer.

The oil of cinnamon and jasmine is completely destroying cancer cells while chamomile oil killing 93% of the cancer cells. Thyme destroys 97% of breast cancer cells, and all this without any negative effects on the surrounding healthy cells. The notorious breast cancer cells MCF-7 have no way to defend against natural antibiotic and toxic properties of oil, scientists believe that in further research may reveal the way to the fastest and safest deliver of natural oils in malignant tumors without the need for surgery, but as we have already mentioned the medicine and pharmacy aren’t at all interested in clinical trials on patients who need help urgently and who would gladly take part in such research.

We are afraid that it will all remain on laboratory studies and research on the impact of human cancer cells in Petri pelvis.

It is believed that the essential oils are excellent inhibitors of cancer cells due to the antioxidant properties, and because of the large share of flavonoids, thymol and carvacrol. Both flavonoids have a powerful antiseptic effect and many times can be used in the fight against diseases for which we now haven’t effective drugs and are easily absorbed through the villi, without losing the positive properties. Carvachol the isomer from the group mono terpene phenol with powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-mycotic, anti-inflammatory acting, but both flavonoids had this incredible cytostatic, hypoglycaemic and spasmolytic function with almost no side effects.

The pharmaceutical and medical mafia can ignore this kind of research, but we will not.
With all that said, we don’t need to wait for the new research, a few drops of oil in your favorite drink, tea or water, can help us in extraordinary ways. We have nothing else but to ourselves enjoy in what nature offers us.

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