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Juice Obtained Directly from a Birch! Incredibly Healthy and 100% Natural!

juice for a birch

This juice cleans and recovers the body, refreshes and rejuvenates, and before drinking it is advisable to cool it.

Do you know how does it work?

This is a refreshing drink obtained directly from a birch – life juice is created in the birch when the spring comes.

Birch tree (lat. Betula pendula) naturally filters about 100 liters of water a day throughout its roots and absorbs many minerals and nutrients. Its juice is collected in an interesting way: by simply drilling the tree bark and collecting drop by drop in a container or a bag – the water that leaks from the tree is an amazing gift of nature!

The birch juice can be obtained only once a year – in the spring – and in limited quantities.

A large tree can give around three liters of quality juice, while young birch is not suitable for obtaining the juice.

Such pure juice can be used within several days or may be bottled for later usage.

A glass of this juice is a great way to start the day. Cleans and detoxifies the body, boosts the metabolism and the juice is particularly suitable for liver and kidney purification because it neutralizes the toxic waste materials and filters them through the urinary tract. Also, the birch can be a great ally in the fight against excess weight, and is highly beneficial for the stomach as well.

Birch juice is a natural “sports drink” before and during the exercise, given the fact that it acts as a natural body infusion.

There are more beneficial properties as: “birch water” can be used to wash and clean the skin, but for better results it is important to drink the pure juice This juice cleans and recovers the body, refreshes and rejuvenates, and before drinking it is advisable to cool it.

It is recommended 1/2dl of juice to be consumed twice a day: in the morning to wake up the body or in the evening for cleaning the organism before bedtime.

Why this natural beverage from birch trees is a great option: 100 percent natural beverage, without water addition, with no artificial colors, it is an organic product, a natural way to detoxify the body, naturally hydrates the body because of optimal composition and electrolytes relationships and is a natural resource of minerals  such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and iron, sugar-free – perfect for diabetics, is a source of proteins, amino acids and enzymes, a rich source of vitamin C and B, refreshes and invigorates, excellent for athletes and convalescents.

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