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Foods That Flatten Your Stomach Effortlessly!

Foods That Flatten Your Stomach
Going to the gym can take up a lot of effort and time, but it can be with not results. We are going to tell you some great foods for removing extra pounds, reveal your abs and flatten your stomach.

Flax Seed
If you take a small handful flax seeds on daily bases you will lose the horrible belly fat and keep it off. It can decrease your sugar cravings also.

Ginger is very helpful for digestion of other foods and can increase metabolism to aid in stomach fat loss.

Lemons are rich with citric acid that can melt your belly fat. They can help with digestion and cleanse the liver.

Spinach is rich with essential minerals and vitamins and that’s why it can improve your metabolism. It can lower the level of acid in the bloodstream and can prevent irritation.

Pineapple can keep you feeling full because it acts as an appetite suppressor. It can break down the fat cells, and it is essential fat management food.

If you want better to absorb the nutrients, than consume these foods on an empty stomach. Below is one example of smoothie made from these foods. This smoothie can make your stomach flat without any exercises.

Mix one tablespoon of ground flax seeds, one tablespoon of ginger and juice from two lemons. Stir the mixture and leave it to stand for 10 minutes. Then combine it with one cup of spinach, one cup of pineapple and half of a banana in a juicer. Mix until you get smooth mixture and enjoy.

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