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Beetroot kvass – The Best Russian Recipe: It Cleanses The Organism After Chemotherapy And Medicaments

Beetroot kvass
Kvass is useful fermented drink that has components which activate the work of intestines, the liver and kidneys. This Russian recipe is found with beet fermentation.

Some medicinal scientists have demonstrated that with taking beet kvass you will have capacity to prevent growth of malignant cells, clean your body of toxins and destructive mixes and dispose of digestive tract related issues. Russian medicine claims that kvass is the best alternate solution for treating hypertension, clean the liver after chemotherapy and it can help you if you are dealing with atherosclerosis. .
Beetroot kvass recipe
Ingredients needed:
● 700 grams of fresh peeled beetroot
● 2 tablespoon of flour or 2 pieces of stale rye or black bread
● 200 grams of sugar or honey
● 100 grams of grapes
● 3-liter glass jar

Method of preparation:
● Peel the beetroot and cut it on thin slices or cubes, and fill the jar with it.
● Add the flour, sugar and grapes.
● Boil some water, leave it to cool down and fill the jar with it. Cover it with gauze, and leave it to stay for one week (to ferment) in a warm area.
● Mix the content in the jar 2 times daily and collect the foam if it’s needed.
● After seven days strain the mixture though gauze. Put the liquid in a glass bowl and throw away the rest of it. Place the liquid in the refrigerator.

Storage and consumption
Take 3-4 tbsp. of the mixture three times daily, usually before meals.

After consuming the whole kvass, make a pause of 3 months.  Then repeat the procedure and make another pause of 3 months. After one year your liver will be perfectly clean. Maybe you will see sign of diarrhea, but that is normal, because the organism is cleaning itself.

This approach, experienced by specialists in a few hospitals in Kiev and Luhansk, has demonstrated some awesome results in terms of purifying the whole body. It is also incredible tool for hypertension and atherosclerosis.

The kvass is not recommendable for persons who have sick kidneys, issues with gastrointestinal tract in intense stage and gout. You must counsel your specialist if you have low blood pressure.

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