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5 Myths About Sagging Breasts and 5 Ways to Stop it From Happening to You

5 Myths About Sagging Breasts
Most people assume that sagging breasts is an unavoidable part of aging, and that there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. Although most people do lose the perkiness as they age, there are plenty of ways to stop the severity. Read on as we debunk 5 common myths about sagging breasts, and 5 things you can do to stop it!

5 Myths About Sagging Breasts That You Can Stop Worrying About

1. Breastfeeding Causes Sagging
Not true! A study done in 2008 and found in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal reported that breastfeeding is not a real risk factor. Instead, the part of pregnancy that leads to sagging breasts is the rapid weight gain and loss

2. Wearing A Bra Helps To Prevent Sagging
Again, not true. There is no data that suggests wearing more supportive bras, or wearing bras more often has any effect on sagging. So stop wearing that bra to bed, unless it’s for comfort reasons, as unfortunately it won’t do anything to stop the sagging.

3. Small Breasts Don’t Sag
Unfortunately, even small breasts are subject to gravity (although not quite as much). Whether of not your breasts sag depends on your ratio of breast tissue to fat, since it’s the fattier-breasts that sag more.

4. Certain Exercises Can Keep Breasts Perky
Breasts don’t contain muscles, so there aren’t any exercises that can specifically help to retain the shape, like with arm or legs muscles. However, according to Deborah Axelrod MD, the medical director of the clinical breast services at New York University Langone Medical Center, excersising the chest muscles, especially the pectoralis major muscle can help to keep breasts elevated.
5. There’s Nothing You Can Do To Prevent Sagging
False! Although a little sagging in the breasts is usually inevitable for most women, there are definitely steps that can be taken to minimize this by-product of aging. Don’t give up yet! Check out these easy steps below.

5 Easy Home Methods To Prevent Sagging Breasts

1. Chest Exercises
Although there aren’t any muscles in the breasts to exercise, you can exercise the chest muscles to add firmness. Pushups are a great exercise to try, because they shape up the breast and reduce the excess fat deposits around the chest. Lifting weights can also be beneficial, with arm curls, chest presses and dumbbell flys acting as excellent pectoral exercises.

2. Posture
Poor posture is a commonly overlooked cause of sagging breasts, but it’s an easy method to stop sagging. When you lower your shoulder sand hunch forward, you don’t give your breasts proper support, which leaves them at the mercy of gravity.

3. Special Bras
There are special bras that can be purchased which mask the look of a sagging breast. These bras have strong support holders on the bottom of the cups that keep breasts lifted and looking firm. The employees at lingerie or department stores are usually able to help point you in the right direction. Many experts also highly recommend wearing a sports bra while exercise. The constant bouncing and movement that occurs while running can stretch the breast tissue over time, and can lead to sagging. So using a bra that keeps the breasts close to the chest is a big help.

4. Olive Oil Massage
Massaging the breasts at least 2-3 times per week with olive oil can actually help to add firmness to your skin. Massaging draws blood to the surface of the skin and helps to stimulate muscle growth and cell repair, which improves the elasticity of the skin’s surface.
5. Yoga
Yoga is well known for it’s ability to tone the entire body, and some poses can have particular uplifting effects on the breasts. The Triangle Pose, Cobra Pose and the Standing Forward Bend are the best positions for strengthening the chest muscles, which has already been noted to help the breasts. Additionally, headstands, backstands and the Inverted Leg Stretch are poses that help to battle the effects of gravity on breasts.

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