5 Myths About Sagging Breasts and 5 Ways to Stop it From Happening to You

5 Myths About Sagging Breasts
Most people assume that sagging breasts is an unavoidable part of aging, and that there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. Although most people do lose the perkiness as they age, there are plenty of ways to stop the severity. Read on as we debunk 5 common myths about sagging breasts, and 5 things you can do to stop it!

5 Myths About Sagging Breasts That You Can Stop Worrying About

1. Breastfeeding Causes Sagging
Not true! A study done in 2008 and found in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal reported that breastfeeding is not a real risk factor. Instead, the part of pregnancy that leads to sagging breasts is the rapid weight gain and loss

2. Wearing A Bra Helps To Prevent Sagging
Again, not true. There is no data that suggests wearing more supportive bras, or wearing bras more often has any effect on sagging. So stop wearing that bra to bed, unless it’s for comfort reasons, as unfortunately it won’t do anything to stop the sagging.

3. Small Breasts Don’t Sag
Unfortunately, even small breasts are subject to gravity (although not quite as much). Whether of not your breasts sag depends on your ratio of breast tissue to fat, since it’s the fattier-breasts that sag more.

4. Certain Exercises Can Keep Breasts Perky
Breasts don’t contain muscles, so there aren’t any exercises that can specifically help to retain the shape, like with arm or legs muscles. However, according to Deborah Axelrod MD, the medical director of the clinical breast services at New York University Langone Medical Center, excersising the chest muscles, especially the pectoralis major muscle can help to keep breasts elevated.
5. There’s Nothing You Can Do To Prevent Sagging
False! Although a little sagging in the breasts is usually inevitable for most women, there are definitely steps that can be taken to minimize this by-product of aging. Don’t give up yet! Check out these easy steps below.

5 Easy Home Methods To Prevent Sagging Breasts

1. Chest Exercises
Although there aren’t any muscles in the breasts to exercise, you can exercise the chest muscles to add firmness. Pushups are a great exercise to try, because they shape up the breast and reduce the excess fat deposits around the chest. Lifting weights can also be beneficial, with arm curls, chest presses and dumbbell flys acting as excellent pectoral exercises.

2. Posture
Poor posture is a commonly overlooked cause of sagging breasts, but it’s an easy method to stop sagging. When you lower your shoulder sand hunch forward, you don’t give your breasts proper support, which leaves them at the mercy of gravity.

3. Special Bras
There are special bras that can be purchased which mask the look of a sagging breast. These bras have strong support holders on the bottom of the cups that keep breasts lifted and looking firm. The employees at lingerie or department stores are usually able to help point you in the right direction. Many experts also highly recommend wearing a sports bra while exercise. The constant bouncing and movement that occurs while running can stretch the breast tissue over time, and can lead to sagging. So using a bra that keeps the breasts close to the chest is a big help.

4. Olive Oil Massage
Massaging the breasts at least 2-3 times per week with olive oil can actually help to add firmness to your skin. Massaging draws blood to the surface of the skin and helps to stimulate muscle growth and cell repair, which improves the elasticity of the skin’s surface.
5. Yoga
Yoga is well known for it’s ability to tone the entire body, and some poses can have particular uplifting effects on the breasts. The Triangle Pose, Cobra Pose and the Standing Forward Bend are the best positions for strengthening the chest muscles, which has already been noted to help the breasts. Additionally, headstands, backstands and the Inverted Leg Stretch are poses that help to battle the effects of gravity on breasts.

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Juice Obtained Directly from a Birch! Incredibly Healthy and 100% Natural!

juice for a birch

This juice cleans and recovers the body, refreshes and rejuvenates, and before drinking it is advisable to cool it.

Do you know how does it work?

This is a refreshing drink obtained directly from a birch – life juice is created in the birch when the spring comes.

Birch tree (lat. Betula pendula) naturally filters about 100 liters of water a day throughout its roots and absorbs many minerals and nutrients. Its juice is collected in an interesting way: by simply drilling the tree bark and collecting drop by drop in a container or a bag – the water that leaks from the tree is an amazing gift of nature!

The birch juice can be obtained only once a year – in the spring – and in limited quantities.

A large tree can give around three liters of quality juice, while young birch is not suitable for obtaining the juice.

Such pure juice can be used within several days or may be bottled for later usage.

A glass of this juice is a great way to start the day. Cleans and detoxifies the body, boosts the metabolism and the juice is particularly suitable for liver and kidney purification because it neutralizes the toxic waste materials and filters them through the urinary tract. Also, the birch can be a great ally in the fight against excess weight, and is highly beneficial for the stomach as well.

Birch juice is a natural “sports drink” before and during the exercise, given the fact that it acts as a natural body infusion.

There are more beneficial properties as: “birch water” can be used to wash and clean the skin, but for better results it is important to drink the pure juice This juice cleans and recovers the body, refreshes and rejuvenates, and before drinking it is advisable to cool it.

It is recommended 1/2dl of juice to be consumed twice a day: in the morning to wake up the body or in the evening for cleaning the organism before bedtime.

Why this natural beverage from birch trees is a great option: 100 percent natural beverage, without water addition, with no artificial colors, it is an organic product, a natural way to detoxify the body, naturally hydrates the body because of optimal composition and electrolytes relationships and is a natural resource of minerals  such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and iron, sugar-free – perfect for diabetics, is a source of proteins, amino acids and enzymes, a rich source of vitamin C and B, refreshes and invigorates, excellent for athletes and convalescents.

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Foods That Flatten Your Stomach Effortlessly!

Foods That Flatten Your Stomach
Going to the gym can take up a lot of effort and time, but it can be with not results. We are going to tell you some great foods for removing extra pounds, reveal your abs and flatten your stomach.

Flax Seed
If you take a small handful flax seeds on daily bases you will lose the horrible belly fat and keep it off. It can decrease your sugar cravings also.

Ginger is very helpful for digestion of other foods and can increase metabolism to aid in stomach fat loss.

Lemons are rich with citric acid that can melt your belly fat. They can help with digestion and cleanse the liver.

Spinach is rich with essential minerals and vitamins and that’s why it can improve your metabolism. It can lower the level of acid in the bloodstream and can prevent irritation.

Pineapple can keep you feeling full because it acts as an appetite suppressor. It can break down the fat cells, and it is essential fat management food.

If you want better to absorb the nutrients, than consume these foods on an empty stomach. Below is one example of smoothie made from these foods. This smoothie can make your stomach flat without any exercises.

Mix one tablespoon of ground flax seeds, one tablespoon of ginger and juice from two lemons. Stir the mixture and leave it to stand for 10 minutes. Then combine it with one cup of spinach, one cup of pineapple and half of a banana in a juicer. Mix until you get smooth mixture and enjoy.

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Try This Sugar Peeling That Will Help You Remove All The Dead Cells from Your Skin

Try This Sugar Peeling That Will Help You Remove All The Dead Cells
Did you know that it is quite easy to make body peeling at home, whether you make it for yourself or as a gift for your best friend?

Brown sugar and vanilla peeling
Brown sugar body peeling is always popular, and for its preparation you will only need three ingredients. You should know that it is better to use brown sugar instead ordinary white because grains of brown sugar are smaller than the ordinary white, so they won’t damage your skin. In addition, this peeling mixture has a great scent and also it warms your skin, leaving it smooth and fresh.

1 cup brown of sugar,
1/3 cup of almond oil,
20 drops of vanilla extract.

In a glass or ceramic bowl, add the sugar and the vanilla drops and stir this mixture. Then gradually pour the almond oil, stirring the mixture constantly. You will know that your peeling mixture is done when you get a paste as thick as wet sand.

Once you try this recipe, feel free to use your imagination and make you own peeling mixture using your favorite ingredients.

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Everything About Ingrown Hairs and How to Remove Them

Everything About Ingrown Hairs
Ingrown hairs often show up as a consequence from improper shaving or depilation at home, actually when the hairs are removed without preparation and without the use of special funds.
In fact, the ingrown hairs are not dangerous, but sometimes they can cause redness, pus-filled sores, hyper- pigmentation, and even small scars.

Firstly, change the way you do the hair removal of you have noticed ingrown hairs on the skin.
Do not wax the hairs until the inflammation is reduced. When you resume the procedure, work in the direction of hair growth. It may take a little more time, but this way you will reduce the existing inflammation.
Waxing is not recommended in case of ingrown hairs. With this procedure, you remove the hair in the opposite direction of their growth, which breaks and distorts them. That leads to inflammation and irritation, which ultimately leads to growth of hairs under the skin.
Shaving with a razor blade is the best, quickest and easiest way to obtain a smooth skin.
Regularly exfoliate the skin with a sponge or special gloves. When you remove the coarse part of the skin, the ingrown hairs are closer to the skin surface and after some time they can be removed.
Use warm wet compresses of chamomile, or calendula tea to steam the skin. After that, grasp the hair with a clean needle and remove it with tweezers. Use alcohol to clean the wound.

After the peeling, do not forget to apply moisturizing cream or lotion.
Do this treatment every day. Also, you can use a mixture of olive oil and sea salt, yogurt and salt or sugar, coffee, etc. Apply it with a cotton glove and gently massage the area.
Treat your skin with a peeling with any fermented products (yogurt, kefir, sour milk, etc. with salt, sugar, coffee or oats) every day, before and after shaving.
Peeling like this, provides fast and smooth shave, without additional irritation (in bikini area) and you don’t have to pull the razor twice on the skin.
Use anti-inflammatory and soothing agents, for instance, tincture of calendula, vegetable glycerin or ichthyol ointment after the hair removal procedure.

Dermatologist advice: If you caused skin irritation and redness while shaving – take 2 aspirin tablets mixed with glycerin and lubricate the skin. The redness will disappear immediately.

To avoid the occurrence of ingrown hairs after the hair removal, follow these simple steps:
● take a shower with hot water before the procedure. The skin gets steamed, the hairs become softer and easier to remove;

● thoroughly clean the skin before waxing and do the above peeling of the skin, which removes dead cells and prevent ingrown hairs;
● do the waxing in the direction of hair growth;
● after waxing, use the above treatments to soothe the skin;
● exfoliate the skin on a daily basis;
● do the depilation before bedtime, but avoid performing it on an irritated and inflamed skin

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10 Effective Ways To Straighten Your Hair Without Using a Straightener or Blow Dryer

Everyone wants to have the sticks straight hair they see on the runways. However, unless you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on straightening irons and straightening products, it may seem impossible.Luckily, Mother Nature is here to help you once again. You do not need chemical filled conventional products to get the straight hair of your dreams.

Instead, you can use these natural remedies to straighten your hair quickly.

There are many reasons that you may want to avoid conventional hair straightening products. Straining irons are especially harmful to your hair. They overheat the hair follicle, immediately causing damage. If you use this product every day, you may even see long-term damage. When it comes to styling products, you may still want to use natural foods and ingredients instead. These products are often tested on animals, and they contain a whole range of ingredients and chemicals that no one can quite pronounce.

Are you ready to find out how you can get the longer you have always wanted? If so, read about these popular remedies to get started.

Though you can get hot oil treatments at the store, it is so much better to create your own at home. You know exactly what kind of oil you are using and the effect it may have on your hair. Just follow these steps:
1. Heat a small amount of oil—the amount you use depends on the thickness and length of your hair—in the microwave. Make sure it is warm, not hot.

2. While in the shower, massage your scalp with the warm oil. Then, use your fingers to run it through the ends of your hair.
3. Use a wide toothed comb on your hair to make sure the oil is evenly distributed.
4. Cover your head for 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse as normal.

Eggs and olive oil have some of the healthiest fats available in the world today. These fats can help way your hair down and make it shiny while straightening it. Use these steps to get started:
1. Crack four eggs into a bowl. Whisk them thoroughly.
2. To the eggs, add 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Stir thoroughly.
3. Carefully work this mixture through your entire head of hair. When you are done, make sure that your scalp is fully coated in the mixture as well.
4. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave your hair covered for between 30 and 45 minutes.
5. Rinse your hair off and then wash it with a light shampoo.

It may surprise you to find out that beer is excellent for your hair. It is full of protein and vitamins. Furthermore, the alcohol in beer naturally strips away excess oil and helps your hair sit flat. While in the shower, simply pour one can of beer over your hair and rinse it away. You can have beautiful straight hair without resorting to expensive products. Try these different remedies to see which one has the best effect on your hair.

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We Give You 10 Tips That Will Certainly Help You This Summer (Video)

Among the tips in this video, we’re sure there is at least one which you didn’t know. There are also solutions to many problems you’ve encountered during summer.

Watch the whole video and learn how to stop your ice cream from getting all over your hands, how to stop flies from getting into your food, or how to safely stash your phone and money at the beach.

Learn all these things, and many more.

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Instead Of Throwing Away The Surplus Ice Cream, She Added a Little Bit Of Flour And She Made a Miracle In 5 Minutes (Video)

Instead Of Throwing Away The Surplus Ice Cream

If you feel cravings for sweets, but the only thing left in your house is a little bit of ice cream on the bottom of the box, here is a solution. And, if no one from your family is interested in eating that last remaining part, it does not mean that you cannot use it.

All you need to do is to put the melted ice cream in an ovenproof dish and add a little bit of flour. After you mix these two ingredients well, put the dish in the microwave or in the oven for a few minutes.

Your ice cream-cake is ready! Enjoy!

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Miracles Happen Overnight! How to Straighten Curly Hair Overnight (without damaging) (VIDEO)

Miracles Happen Overnight! How to Straighten Curly Hair Overnight (without damaging) (VIDEO)

There is one universal rule – most girls with curly hair really want to have straight hair, while those with straight hair want to have curly. Today we will focus only on girls with curly hair.

Almost every girl who has curly hair knows how difficult is to straighten hair. Blow drying, hair straitening, various treatments that can damage your hair…

But this girl offers an excellent solution. This is a simple way you can tame your “wild” hair – overnight!

Imagine this miracle, you are washing your hair, preparing it and in the morning instead of curly you wake up with beautiful straight hair. You’re not dreaming! All you need are a few rubber bands and hairpins.
Enough talking, watch!

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How to Prevent and Treat Heartburn and Stomach Ache

If you are tired of the tablets against heartburn we offer you natural and equally effective treatments of preventing nasty heartburn and stomach pains. Heartburn is something that most people do not like to talk about, although many have a problem with it. It can occur in a very mild form with some people, while others almost daily have problems with it. But, it can be certain predictor of more severe disease, and therefore need to ask for medical help.

People who suffer of this kind of disease usually know what kind of food they should not eat.
Unfortunately, there is no medicine or surgery that would solve the problem at all, but they can recognize and avoid food causing trigger heartburn.

The penetration of acid into the esophagus
What is actually heartburn? This phenomenon is when stomach acid rises from the stomach into the esophagus, causing pain and burning. Muscle, called the lower esophageal sphincter usually prevents stomach acid into the esophagus. In case of heartburn, acid enters the esophagus, and this condition is called reflux. As we have mentioned some foods can cause of acid into the esophagus, as well as over-consumption of food. Pregnant women often suffer from heartburn, and persons with a hernia. Beside foods, medications can trigger or intensify heartburn, such as aspirin, antibiotics, antidepressants and sedatives. But whatever the cause was what matters most is how to mitigate or ultimately prevent.

As soon as you feel that you begin with heartburn, the first thing you can do is drink a glass of water to rinse the acid in the esophagus. To facilitate heartburn, put in a cup of boiling water a teaspoon fresh chopped ginger. After 10 minutes, strain it and drink it. Ginger will help you to relax the walls of the esophagus, which will prevent lifting acid. Also, you can prepare a tea of aniseed or cumin or fennel. Add two teaspoons of some of these seeds in boiling water and leave for 10 minutes to soak, then strain and you can drink the tea. It is ideal for stomach problems.

In Ayurvedic medicine recommended is the tea of crushed cinnamon. You can put one teaspoon in a cup of boiling water, wait for 10 minutes, and after that you can strain it and drink it.

If your heartburn is not a common problem then adopt a couple of following tips:
1. Take fewer portions. Do not eat a lot while having a meal. It is better to eat more often, but less. If you eat much the pressure will be higher, which could cause heartburn.
2. Eat slowly and chew food well. If you chew food thoroughly, easier and quicker you digest it.
3. Do not eat spicy or overly fatty foods. Very spicy or greasy foods cause heartburn and stronger.

4. Avoid drinking during meals. Drinking during feeding will cause the stomach even more spread out and it is possible to lift causing the stomach contents into the esophagus. Drink potions between meals.
5. Do not eat or drink just before you go to sleep. This will give your stomach a chance to digest at least part of the food, and the heartburn will not bother.
6. Do not wear too tight clothes. As well, too tight pants can cause pressure on the stomach and cause heartburn.
7. After you have a meal, avoid folding. Do not lift off the floor, clean or something like that.
Try to follow these tips and you will see the effect!

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Here is What You Need To Do To Lose Weight Extremely Fast!

Lose Weight Extremely Fast!
Losing weight does not have to be as tedious as it usually is for most people. In fact, it can come very easy when you make the right changes to your lifestyle. Unfortunately, tons of people make the mistake of concentrating only on exercises, thinking that is all they need to lose weight.

This is far from true. Although there are some exercises that will aid your weight loss goals, this exercises are not self sufficient. A healthy diet is also needed if you will ever lose that weight for good.

Let me tell you why concentrating only on exercises may fail!

Eating more Calories as You Burn them
A lot of people end up eating even more calories than their daily exercises burn. This defeats the purpose of exercises. You may think you have burnt a lot of calories when you have burnt far less calories than you think. That is why you should have a daily goal of the amount of calories you want to take. When you do this, not taking more calories than you burn through exercises, that is the only time you can expect to see any weight loss happening.

Eating Unhealthy Food Thinking They are Healthy
With the size of market out there and the stiff competition among manufactures, it is easy to be fooled into thinking a food is healthy when it is really not! This is why you shouldn’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it; rather, look closely at the label to know how much sugar, fat, and calories you could be consuming by taking the product.

Take note that the food also contains some amount of protein, fiber and minerals. Also make sure you don’t eat too much even if you are eating a healthy food.

Wrong Exercises
This is very common. In fact, many people are confused about the exact type of exercise they should be doing in order to burn fat. This is what you should do; concentrate on exercises that burn calories. These are cardio exercises; that is what you should be doing if you want to burn fat quickly. Strength training is good for muscle building but they just don’t as much fat as cardio. So if you want quick fat loss, concentrate on the most important stuff, cardio.

Generally, exercises are very good as the benefits in it exceed just losing weight or building muscles. However, if your primary goal is to lose weight, combine healthy food with cardio exercises and you will definitely be successful.

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Do You Have Any of These 5 Symptoms? Make sure, These are Signs That Hint of Something Bad

Non-healthy food can interfere with the absorption of important vitamins and minerals in the digestive system.
It is important to notice the symptoms in time and know how to help before it is late. Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body is usually reflected in a number of symptoms that are easy to recognize if we pay enough attention.

Cracks on the edge of the mouth (Curb)
The most common causes are:
● lack of B vitamins
● some stomach diseases with increased secretion of gastric acid, which corrodes the mucous membranes of the lips
● lack of posterior teeth or lowered bite
● iron deficiency anemia
● infection of bacteria streptococcus and staphylococcus, fungi (Candida)
● poor sanitary conditions and inadequate oral hygiene
● often occurs in people who talk a lot and moisturize a lot the mouth
● often occurs in diabetics, because they have a weakened immune system

If you eliminated some of the above factors, it is certainly sign of deficit: iron, zinc and B vitamins such as niacin (B3), riboflavin (B2), and B12.
Solution: Eat more tofu, quinoa, low fat cheese, chard and spinach, peanuts, dried apricots, asparagus, all kinds of seeds and legumes. Combine foods with broccoli and kale to absorb iron (vitamin C).
Sometimes leaked appears due to an allergic reaction to an ingredient in cosmetic products that have recently begun to use.

A red rash on the face that is flaky and / or excessive hair loss
Scaly rash with redness, which usually occurs along the line of the scalp or on the face, as well as increased hair loss, can be a sign of the following: Biotin is deficit
Solution: Eat peanuts, almonds, chard, goat milk, yogurt, tomatoes, carrots, onions, nuts, milk, sesame, bananas, avocados, mushrooms.

Many factors can lead to hair loss:
A few months after an illness or a severe surgery can suddenly lose hair, which could be the result of elevated stress hormones such as cortical.
● Thyroid diseases often cause loss of hair.
● The hair may adversely affect hormonal birth control pills on the base.
● Many women notice hair fall out within three months after childbirth.
● Hair loss can be caused by certain drugs, such as those against blood coagulation, gout, hypertension, heart disease and depression.
● Fungal infections of the skin can trigger hair loss in children.
● Hair loss sometimes occurs as a component of the disease such as lupus or diabetes.
Some hairstyles can trigger hair loss, especially if you wear long braids or use tight curlers.
Hot hair oil or chemicals used for making permanent curl can cause inflammation of the hair follicles, which can lead to damage and hair loss.
● Hair loss can be caused by genetic factors.

Red or white bumps that resemble acne (on the cheeks, arms, hips)
Red and painful subcutaneous rash resembling acne in adulthood may be a sign of hormonal imbalance, but often lack of the following:
You are in deficit with essential fatty acids and vitamins A and D.
Solution: Increase your consumption of healthy fats; eat more nuts and seeds like flax. Also, it is important the intake of green leafy vegetables and carrots and peppers for vitamin A. Increase the consumption of dairy products.

Numbness hands, feet and other body parts or squib
The feeling of numbness, temporary numbness and tingling in the hands and feet are usually a sign of a lack of folic acid or vitamin B9, and vitamin B6 and B12. They are directly related to the peripheral nervous system and their lack causes interference, but the disorder is manifested in anxiety, depression, anemia and fatigue.

You are in deficit with B vitamins, folic acid (B9), B6 ​​and B12.
Solution: Eat spinach, asparagus, beets, all kinds of beans, dairy products.
If you drink some medicine pay attention to it if it has side effects associated with poor circulation or the occurrence of tingling.
For more active smokers / consumers of nicotine can cause tingling due to blocked blood vessels and poor circulation.

Muscle cramps, stabbing pain (in the toes)
Flutter of the eyelids and muscle with the occurrence of muscle cramps are usually a sign of a lack of magnesium, potassium and calcium. If symptoms occur frequently, it is a sign of chronic lack of which cannot be eliminated only by better nutrition, but also by taking supplements minerals. If you train regularly, it usually leads to increased loss of minerals through sweating.
You are lack of magnesium, calcium and potassium.
Solution: Eat nettle, seaweed, bananas, green leafy vegetables, almonds, nuts, seeds, nuts, cherries, apples, and grapefruit.

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10 Grams A Day Of These Snacks Can Literally Save Your Life

Only a few peanuts a day can greatly reduce the risk of death caused by several major diseases.

Researchers were able to confirm the link between peanuts and healthy life and claim that by consuming only 10 grams of peanuts a day will reduce the risk of getting the respiratory system diseases, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The effect of peanuts is equally effective in men and women.

During a 22 years long period, Harvard scientists observed 6000 people with type 2 diabetes, which increases the risk that heart and stroke. These people have had a special diet, and every second or fourth year have filled questionnaires about their diet.

When scientists see the results they found that those who ate peanuts were more protected from heart attack and stroke. The real surprise is that the risk was reduced by 44%.

Peanuts contain numerous ingredients, such as monounsaturated fatty acids, many vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and many other things that contribute to gaining better defense mechanism against numerous diseases.

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Incredible! Cure Leukemia with Beetroot!


You probably don’t believe in this, but there had been made a lot of researches which state that beetroot can cure leukemia.

The amino acids found in the beetroot have anticancer properties and anti inflammatory and antioxidants properties as well. Moreover, an active compound of beetroot can kill the tumor cells.

Almost all of the patients reacted positively to the beetroot treatment. A person with diagnosed leukemia should consume a half kilogram of fresh beetroot. Of course, the results will be more effective if you consume the beetroot in the early phases of the disease. Over time, the amounts of beetroot should be increased.

The beetroot is also very effective for the patients who need a healthy diet.

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11 Ways To Detox Your Lymphatic System (Your Body’s Drains)

It is easy for body tissues to accumulate excess fluid and toxins. The health of your body relies on regular draining of body tissues, which is the job of the lymphatic system. If you want to detox your lymphatic system and improve its functioning, try these detox tricks.

Fruit is full of acids and enzymes that cleanse your lymphatic system. For best results, try to eat raw fruit on an empty stomach. For example, start your morning with a couple pieces of fruit or choose fruit as your pre-bedtime snack.

Every other system in your body relies on water, and the lymphatic system is no different. You should be drinking water throughout the day before you start to feel thirsty, as thirst is a sign that you are already dehydrated.

On the flip side, get other drinks out of your diet. Soda, coffee, sports drinks, and other beverages can clog up your lymph system. If you have a hard time getting rid of these drinks, you can add flavoring to your water. Good options include sliced fruit or herbs.

Lymph can become sluggish and stop flowing through your body as it should. A properly-done massage can stimulate the flow. Either use a guide to do your own lymph massage or go to a massage therapist with experience in this type of massage.

Physical movement is a great way to get everything in the body moving properly. Yoga, running, and bouncing on a trampoline are all great options to try.

Green vegetables, especially leafy greens, are an excellent source of chlorophyll. Getting more chlorophyll into your body can detox your body and purify your lymphatic system.

There are a variety of herbal teas that can improve the functioning of the lymphatic system. Popular options include echinacea, goldenseal, and indigo root. Add a couple cups of tea to your daily routine or look for a lymph system blend.

Strengthening your blood vessels is a great way to improve lymph flow. Spending a few minutes in the shower and alternating between hot and cold may do just that.

Fatty acids are an important part of your lymphatic system’s health. Nuts and seeds are some of the best sources of the fatty acids. Be sure to avoid ones with added salt, since salt can actually stress your lymphatic system.

Sluggish lymph flow is one of the main symptoms of a weak lymphatic system. Stimulating proper lymph flow can promote a healthy lymphatic system. Use a coarse brush to brush your skin in circular motions prior to your shower. Move up from the head  down to the heart, and then from the feet up to the heart.

Proper breathing techniques assist lymph in its flow throughout your body. Short, shallow breaths may impair your lymph flow. In contrast, deep, slow breaths may improve lymphatic health. Make a habit of spending several minutes deep breathing every hour.

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Homemade Lemon-Honey-Sugar Wax to Remove Hair Anywhere in Under 30 Minutes

OKay, so if you renew your razor once every two weeks for a year you might pay as much as a hundred dollars a year to shave your legs.  Now say you shave your legs for sixty years. That’s SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. That is one very nice pair of shoes or several Trivago deals down to Cuba. Plus, we have a recipe to keep your legs smooth on your trips. One that’s better for the environment than throw-away razors filling a dump.

A Honey-Sugar-Lemon Wax. Yep. Sweet and sour combine for one sweetly energizing and pampering experience for you and everywhere you like to keep smooth.

Ingredients? Simple.
¼ cup of honey
1 cup of granulated sugar
½ a lemon’s worth of juice (maybe a 1/16 of a cup of lemon juice concentrate)
OLD FABRIC STRIPS (T-shirts, ancient tea towels, or even regular old bath towels)

1) Mix your three ingredients together in a bowl. Microwave it in twenty-second intervals for a combined minute, stirring at each break (you don’t want this to boil. It’ll burn and smell awful. Or worse, burn your skin).

2) Take it out of the microwave, and let it cool till you can touch it without hurting yourself. I’d put this at the 15-20 minute mark, but try it before you apply. The texture should be like thick honey or thin home-wax kits. If you think it’s too runny just add a tablespoon of sugar and reheat for another twenty seconds.

3) So with your strips pre-cut fabric, apply your wax (the back of a spoon works, or if you have those craft popsicle sticks, use them) in the direction that your hair lies in. Apply the fabric strip on top of the wax in the same way (start at your knee and go down your shin for waxing you lower leg) using gentle pressure. Then pulling your skin taut, pull the wax strip up and back starting from the ankle up to your knee.

4) Any spare or leftover wax can be used again. Just cover it and store in the fridge. You can reheat it in the microwave if it’s safe, or just heat it up under some hot running water.

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Ginger Ale Recipe For Pain: Reduce Chronic Inflammation, Pain and Migraines

Ginger Ale Recipe
For years holistic doctors have used ginger to aid with health using it for anything from pain from arthritis to nausea. It is often used to reduce vomiting and nausea and in China, it has been used for over 2,000 years to help treat stomach issues, nausea, heart conditions and arthritis. Additionally, it helps with pain, migraines and chronic inflammation and has been used to treat ulcers, diabetes and gout. The two major active agents in ginger include shogaol and gingerol.

However, a special ginger ale recipe can help reduce some of these issues. Due to the density of manganese and potassium in ginger, it is helpful in protecting the heart, aids in its functions, and also helps support the circulatory system overall. It also contains silicon which helps keep teeth, nails, hair, and skin healthy. Ginger also contains beta-carotene, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, iron, and Vitamins A, C, E and the B complex. Ginger is used to lessen pain and inflammation in the back and muscles and also provides relief for migraine headaches. It is also helpful for women during their menstrual cycle. Research indicates that analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and it helps to stop the creation of inflammatory compounds and any other effects related to inflammation.

Ginger can also help the digestive system and has been used for thousands of years in medicine to help relieve nausea. It seems to work better for indigestion and nausea than any antihistamines or antacids. This natural health aid also helps those who are sick with the flu or a cold because it is a great decongestant. Ginger combined with tamarind leaves, brewed in hot water, crushed, and then mixed with honey can treat a cough or cold.

The Recipe for Pain: Ginger Ale
■ 1 cup of peeled and finely chopped ginger
■ 1 lime, juiced
■ 2 cups purified water
■ Sparkling water
■ Raw honey (to taste)
■ Lime wedges (to garnish)

Steps to Create the Ginger Ale:
1. Boil 2 cups of water and add the ginger. Reduce the heat and set it on medium low to let ginger simmer in the water for 5 minutes.
2. Remove it from the heat and strain.

3. Serve with 1 part of the ginger mixture to 3 parts of sparkling water and serve over ice. To sweeten the taste, add raw honey and lime juice.

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Indian People Use Melon Seeds when Preparing Different Meals Due to their Powerful Healthy Properties. Read and find out more!

Melon is a low calorie fruit that is rich in vitamins and minerals and has high body water percentage, which makes it an ideal fruit for refreshment during the hot summer days. But the healthiest part of the melons usually ends up in the garbage, because we remove them and throw away – the melon seeds.

In India, melon seeds are the most precious part of the fruit and are used in every household.

After removing the central part of the melon, the seeds together with the fibers are dried on paper and then, after drying, the fibers are separated from the seeds. After this process, the seeds need to be washed  under a jet of water, dried and stored.

Melon seeds are rich in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and fibers. According to Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine) melon seeds have a refreshing effect and are ideal to be consumed during the summer.

In India, the ground melon seeds are added to the lassie (beverage made with yoghurt) and thandai (cold milk with spices), and the whole seeds are used for making sweets and halva. They can be added to bread and pastries (such as pumpkin or sunflower seeds) or in cakes and cookies (like walnuts or hazelnuts). They can be eaten as healthy snacks as well.

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Forever Young: The Best 5 Anti-Aging Essential Oils

Forever Young
Aging is a normal process that equally covers every organ, every tissue of the body. It is most visible on the skin, primarily on the face, neck and arms. There are many factors that influence the aging of the skin such as: incorrect and irregular care, exposure of the skin to harmful external influences, lifestyle, fatigue and dehydration. If you want to slow down and to alleviate the aging process of the skin, you need to nurture your skin. The cheapest and easiest way to prevent the aging of the skin is the use of essential oils.

1. Almond essential oil
The almond essential oil is the best kept secret for maintaining skin moisture, for releasing the dark circles around the eyes and for preventing stretch marks. It does not give oily effect and does not close the pores.

2. Basil essential oil
The basil essential oil contains strong antioxidants and it acts against aging, cancer, viruses and microbes. The basil oil should not be directly applied on the skin unless previously diluted.

3. Argan essential oil
The argan essential oil has strong anti-aging effect. Because of the fatty acids it contains, moistures the skin and it is powerful antioxidant. It slows down the process of aging, rehabilitates the skin after drying and protects the skin from external influences.

4. Lavender essential oil
The lavender essential oil is intended for oily skin and skin with acne. This essential oil makes your skin soft and supple. It acts soothing and it is rich in antioxidants. Lavender essential oil stimulates the skin and makes regeneration.

5. Rose essential oil
It is used to make your skin immortal, smoothes the wrinkles on the face. The rose essential oil is used to stimulate, tone and calm the irritated skin. It reduces the scars on the face and stretch marks. It is recommended for those with dry skin.

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Detox Drink To Kill Fat, Diabetes And Blood Pressure

Detox Drink

Illness often strikes without a warning. So, today we bring you a detox drink that can help you get rid of toxins naturally. It will also speed up your metabolism, burn extra fat, lower your blood pressure and most importantly, fight diabetes.

● 1 teaspoon of cinnamon;
● 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar;
● 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice;
● 1 tablespoon of raw honey;
● 12 to 16 oz. or one glass of wate

Mix the ingredients in a blender until the mixture becomes smooth. Consume it the same day.

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This Is Little Known – Make Tea From Olive Leaves – It Has 16 Medicinal Properties

This Is Little Known – Make Tea From Olive Leaves
Although it’s a lesser known tea, according to researches, it’s very promising. Researches have shown that olive leaves have remarkable medicinal properties.

Olive leaves have many medicinal properties we’re not aware of. This drink smells and looks good, and tastes great. The first documented data of its application in medicine, dates back to 1850.

Although it’s a lesser known tea, according to researches, it’s very promising. Researches have shown that olive leaves have remarkable medicinal properties. It tastes great, it has a good aroma and it’s very pleasurable.

Healing Properties
● Helps with high blood pressure(widens the blood vessels and thus increases blood flow and helps regulate heart rate);
● Destroys free radicals(tea olive is rich in antioxidants and some even say that the tea olive substitute for green tea);

● Prevents cardiovascular disease;
● Helps with high cholesterol that(reduces the levels of LDL);
● Has excellent anti- fungal properties;
● Has excellent anti-bacterial properties;
● Helps to prevent herpes and cold sores;
● Good for colds and flu;
● Helps with pneumonia;
● Helps with tuberculosis;
● Helps with diabetes(reduces sugar);
● Helps with meningitis;
● Helps with rheumatism;
● Helps with urinary tract infections;
● Very good for the treatment of chronic fatigue and allergies;
● Strengthens the immune system throughout the body.

For a cup of tea, you need 15 – 20 leaves.

Boil water and place the leaves in a bowl. Cook them for 2 to 3 minutes. Leave the leaves in the water longer than 10 minutes. Drink the tea every day.

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Lose Weight in Only 4 Days with This Fast and Very Effective Diet

Lose Weight

Losing weight effectively and extremely quick is the desire of many women. By using this four day diet, you can lose up to 10 kg. Incredible, isn’t it?

The creator of this diet, James Zeta, says that his diet gives a boost to people to maintain their weight during the holidays, special occasions, and it is very convenient for those who want to lose weight quickly and effectively.

First day:
● Grilled chicken breast without fat spiced (just a little salt and rosemary)
● 2 cups of skim milk
● 1 grapefruit pill
● 2 eggs
● 3 green salad dishes

Second day:
● 2 cans of tuna or 100 grams of salmon slice (without oil)
● 3 eggs
● 3 large green salad dishes
● 2 cups of skim milk
● 1 cup of strawberry

Third day:
● 6 koftas (grilled)
● 2 cups of skim milk
● 1 apple
● 2 eggs
● 3 green salad dishes

Fourth day:
● Same as the first day

Some alerts for diet:
It is recommended to drink eight glasses of water every day along with the diet. During the diet is necessary to exercise, to stimulate the body to burn more fat. Don’t eat bread or drink sweetened juices.

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Your Left Palm Discovers Your Future, the Right One- Your Destiny: Here is How you Can Interpret the Meaning

Our left palm tells us everything about the inherited capabilities and from it we can see what awaits us for us in the future. The right one shows us everything that we have accomplished until now. Moreover, the passive palm is read when we want to know about inherited characteristics and about our potential whereas the active one when we want to find out something about the changes of those inherited traits. If the marks on the active and passive palm are different, it means that this person has worked actively and put a lot of effort on her/his development in every field. Right handed people have a more active right hand, whereas the left one is passive, and in left handed people the case is vice versa. People with relatively small palms are considered to be more active and they spend less time in contemplating about what should be done.

Here is how you can properly interpret the lines on your palms:
Life line
It begins between the thumb and the index finger and moves toward the hand wrist. If it is long, deep and soft it means good health and longevity. Any irregular stops or separations of this line point out to diseases or misfortune.

Head line
Above the life line, the head line is located. A long and deep line means: all-encompassing mind whereas a short and deep line: a simple mind. If the line is turned downward into one direction:  rich fantasy. When it moves upwards: boring, objective. A simultaneous beginning with the life line: reasonable and enjoyable communion with the other gender. A beginning located far above the life line: hypocritical person. A few little lines across the head line: headache problems.

Heart line
Above the head line with an opposite start (from the little finger toward the index finger) is the heart line. If it is deep, gentle and long: sincere feelings and compassion. If the end of the heart line is between the index and middle finger: good person, willing to sacrifice. If the end of this line is on the index finger: has the need for power. The end of the heart line behind the index finger, points out that this person has dedicated her/his life on one profession. The closer the heart line and head line, the more does the mind dominate over the feelings.

Fate line
From the wrist joint to the middle finger and if it is deep than the fate determines the life path. If the fate line begins in the middle of the palm: late success. If there is no fate line: a determined life path. Any interruptions of the fate line: evil omens. If the form of the fate line is in zigzag it means unhappiness, and turning off from the right path.

Art line
These line turns from the fate line to the ring finger. If it is especially accented, it means that this person is artistic. If this line is seen, besides another one (money line) than the person must live from its talent. Crosses and quadrants onto the line point out on incidental profits. If the two lines are gone, the person will not have glory or happiness.

Mercury line
Right near the art line, under the little finger. A long and strong line means: business capabilities. Several thin lines mean that the person has a scientific interest. The Mercury line, attached with the art or money line means: fortune through business or science.

Health line
The curve under the Mercury line and many people do not have it. If it is present it points out to health problems and usually connected with pain in the inner organs.

Happiness line
Around four curves from the wrist and if they are clearly visible they mean: luck, but if they are interrupted, hard work. If these lines are not present there is no happiness for the person.

Erotic lines
Little lines located below the thumb and strong lines mean expressed sensitivity. Strong, long and parallel lines mean a strong love feeling whereas short and weak lines point out to little sensitivity. A net of lines: prone to quarrels, short relationships.

Success line
Little lines from the head line to the index finger. If these are straight lines it means that ambition leads this person to success, and if they are intermingled this may mean some obstacles on the way to success. Cutting lines are stronger than the success lines: failure of ambitious plans.

Venus circle
The curve below the middle finger and the ring finger and if this is a closed circle it points out to disappointment in love. If there are several circles it means high sensitivity which means difficulty when living with someone. Semi circle means that any disappointment will be overcome.

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Recipe to Remove Back, Joints and Legs Pain in Just 7 Days

Recipe to Remove Back
Joint pain can be caused by a number of factors, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, gout, tendinitis or a strain, sprain or other injury affecting the ligaments, or tendons surrounding a joint. Fortunately, there is a natural remedy which can help you get rid of the joint pain in a quick and effective way.

What You Need to Do
First, you need 150 grams of edible gelatin. Pour 2 teaspoons into ¼ cup of cold water from the fridge. Mix a little bit and leave it overnight. You don`t need to put it in the fridge because the gelatin will turn into jelly during the night.

How to Take the Recipe
Consume it the next morning on an empty stomach. If you dislike the taste, you can add some juice, more water, honey or some sour cream or yogurt. The best thing about this recipe is that you can add whatever you want in it.

You will notice the results after a week. The pain in your neck, legs, arms or other kinds will be significantly reduced. However, you should keep consuming gelatin every morning for the next 30 days. When you`re done with your 30-day treatment, you can repeat it again in six months, not earlier. This treatment is very helpful because gelatin keeps your joints well lubricated so it prevents the joint pain.

Why is This Effective?
You may have some doubts about this recipe, but it`s quite effective in fact. Gelatin is obtained through the processing of livestock`s purest connective tissue such as cartilage, bones, collagen, bones and tendons. Gelatin contains two forms of amino acids- hidrospirolin and proline, which help to restore your connective tissues.

Gelatin can improve the health not only of your joints, but of your hart muscles also. It also boosts your metabolism and your mental ability. Regular consumption of gelatin will improve the elasticity and strength of joints, tendons and ligaments. This is also an excellent tool against osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

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Using This Recipe Cure Cracks, Calluses, Hard Layers and Especially Rough Skin on Your Feet

Using This Recipe Cure Cracks, Calluses, Hard Layers and Especially

If you suffer of cracks, calluses or bunions, rough skin on heels and hard deposits on the feet, this procedure will be effective for you.


10 tablets of aspirin (300 mg), flour in powder and pour with 250 ml of brandy (or 70% medical alcohol) and leave for 1-2 days.

Shake the tincture every evening and dip into it a piece of folded gauze.

Put the lining on the heel (calluses, foot) wrap a nylon bag and put on a sock. Leave overnight.

In the morning, wash it, wipe it and put an oil cream for legs or glycerin.

After 10 treatments, foot and heel are clear of rough skin and fouling.

Incidentally, the feet can be cleaned with a brush or pumice stone, and then put the cream.

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